5 New Gov't Laws To Increase Your Wealth and Income

5 New Gov't Laws To Increase Your Wealth and Income

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okay a lot of money trainees Depot oh there you are neo notepad and pen stand by great there will be a test ready for the test yeah writing is a lot of new programs yeah and that's where opportunities are opportunities there nobody else is yet yeah if you're chasing the same rainbow everybody else is well that's a crowded field so it's sort of like all of us going up for the same person to date for Mary or whatever you know everybody goes after there's a person that's become very crowded field yeah and so your chances of success get less but if you're in places howdy again Maggie Patrick of New York City great Patrick you know what I found a great program in New York City where they give you money to move out of the city can you believe that it's early a year's worth of income or something or they pay half your rent for a year if you go three one one in New York and I forget them the program's name and everything but it's in three one one the most most opposite place it around the country of two one one yeah that's where you get in for me but I think Chicago and New York uses three one one so that that's that's good to know but yeah it's a program so if you can't make it in New York you know like people get make it in New York they make it anywhere and they have a program to help you move you're another city here's money travel Joe and like have to rent for a year I forget what it is at something like that that's the old fire god I haven't seen you while oh you're homeless oh no oh no you're are you in Wisconsin fire first not thinking Wisconsin and I just wrote up a program Wisconsin has $1,600 for people who need money because they may lose their job yeah so if you don't have a job you already lost it so it's proof you need that money $1,600 usually that money in a lot of states is only like you know $700 or something like that I've never seen $1,600 yet and it's all over the state no matter where you live so call your County Office of Community Development or health there's a lot of programs programs like that you know to help people are in the county health department so you want to check that whatever yeah I think you're somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin well everything is in the middle of Wisconsin hello from Texas yeah Texas is hit and miss but don't forget 80% are the same all over you know and and it's just what states have different it's really just clip it around the end hello Matthew any grants for software businesses yes you what you want is not a grant you want a contract if you have a software business there is something called p-type PTAC and they're there they're experts usually at universities on getting small businesses government contracts okay now that's better you don't want to go run around for a grant for your business does it you may take you six months to find it and then you'll never get another one if you learn how to get a contract you know that could start at $20,000 20 million dollars yeah and you can do that forever so that's something you can really get a lot of leverage on so they have people in your state government but actually it's federal government and if you can't find that PTAC office that's a nonprofit collaboration people that help you for free you know to get to get contracts what to do is contact your local spdc and ask about selling to the government yeah hello from Cali I was working I was wondering if you know if other states are still waiting for graduates from other states yes depends on the state actually where was a New Hampshire I think of Vermont one of those two will give you $10,000 if you if you are a remote worker in other words if you're a freelancer working out of your house they'll say hey come move this this state will give you a 10 grand you know to move there that's pretty cool is it so there are things like that where do you find them it's okay it's really through economic development offices so look at a state that you're interested in moving to whether it is California or whatever and so you're looking for incentives what kind of incentive don't say grants or whatever because a lot of this money is not even called grants so you're looking for incentive incentives for new people to move to the state do businesses in the state or whatever although from Cali I wonder if you know States are stilling yeah good evening Matthew what is the best way to get a small business grant this way to get a strong business grant is not go after a small business crane that's the big problem I have a video so members you know des let's go help I'll show you a video that I've done on that because the problem is you're asking for a grant and there most people don't know where they are and so that's why they'll tell you no and a lot of the grants that here I mean to me like you're a software company want to grant know your software turning you on a contract so wouldn't you rather hundred thousand dollar contract cuz that's what you're supposed to do in your business yeah it is perform something you know instead of just getting money who knows what so and then the the the grits are they also locally they come a lot of grant now money comes from what's called accelerators and incubators okay now what the hell you you would never think of saying accelerators or incubators yeah and then they're all – weird other things like grant money to train your employees or grant money to live on while you're starting your business but that's a call grant money either that's training money and actually the live line is the unemployment when they give you an employment money if you're starting a business yeah so it's the same kind of thing so that's right don't go looking for a grants if you want a business crave you'll just get frustrated and pissed off and you'll piss people off that you're contacting that are there to help you in business and you'll sound like a greedy bastard because I just want something for free I don't give a what you so the way to get the most out of these things it is to be humble and ask how do you help people start businesses yeah hey I want to start a business and I need help that's all you have to do you go out with that that is your main question that I want a goddamn green hey give me a goddamn grass that's like asking for a date and then when you ask over day I want to go to bed no you know nobody will ever go on to go out with it well nobody would from New York I actually saw you last year walking through the city yeah how'd you know it's me actually I'm starting to get suits or hearts on it so I'm I'll be incognito some days you know it suits a hard solid and I got one or two mate now and having some more mate just just to shake it up a little and and as I get all their Twitter your heart you know because if you want to start that business man you just say I need help starting them business yeah and I'll send you that video about that you know particularly let's go help I have all these videos like that and what to do how to and how you contact the people see we're used to dealing with people who are selling us something on the internet remember the people I'm telling you are selling you nothing they don't give a if you buy from them or not because you've not given them any money they already got paid they got a grant to give you money or give you help or whatever so they already paid see we're not used to doing that yeah and that's right but but you need their help so I got was at the DMV yesterday or whatever because I moved in and then these people are so nice to you if you're nice and you make their day if you're miserable because they're miserable it's just a spiral going nowhere yeah and so again you're selfish right you wanna get something out of life and these people can give you something but they have the power you have the power when you're buying it yeah because you say screw you I'm not gonna buy so that's why they they suck up to you and be nice and things like that but the people who give you money for free have to be nice to you because they're getting the same money as their paycheck anyway and so they have to make quota and they'll find somebody to give it to if you don't take it they're not too worried about that so what you have is your personality that's the thing you have you you have the best asset in the world that everybody else has and yours is different so you want to use you and your personality so they see what's different about you do not be professional you hear that do not be professional do not be professional professional is not human and we don't want to help non-human people we have enough robots in our life already it's more it's a more rewarding experience in life to help human people not robot people about them right and they're doing the grunt work so do not be professional be human but be nice that's the other thing yeah and that's where you had them that's how they get the most out of life I feel and particularly from these sources shirts if you have a lot of money and people and they'll be nice to you because they want to bleed your money you don't have a lot of money and use the free stuff then that's a different ballgame and that's why it's a yeah it sounds stupid I know your mother probably didn't says do not be professional but I really believe that it it makes someone it's human we want to we want to help other human beings that's in our nature right and but if you're acting not in human wants to help you so there nobody wants to help you if you're not human so be nice as possible let people and contact them don't just do emails or whatever read a website and say oh that's not for me you don't really know you know and this right yeah particularly the websites I give you are the closest you'll ever get to getting the money because you get a billion websites but I narrow things down to the best possibilities so what you should do is at least contact each of those possibilities it's like okay I have 12 women that you should date you know and I went through you know calling through five million women and found five possibilities if you're gonna dismiss each one of them just off a word just to this or whatever that that's foolish I think and and that's why you should talk to them call the office say hey I have a business or I am a financial problem or whatever it is you know can you suggest what kind of help do you possibly have that could help me let them explain because if you say things we we don't have we don't know enough about ourselves we don't know about language we certainly don't know what the hell other people are thinking saying or what it means to them you're say you love somebody now what is that you love playing golf you love a pet puppy are you passionately or physically attracted and love somebody there's all different ways for that and that's why if you say grants well then that see there if you really need help getting money if somebody gave you you know a bunch of money and they called it bananas but you could spend it on everything you want you take it right because then you'll be a business yeah but you don't know what the hell they call this stuff you know so that's why it's very very important you know not to say grants very very important to talk to people because then if if you go to the offices and they say no this is stupid you know we don't help you know people we help you know giraffes or something okay can you suggest some other places that may help because they're doing that kind of work this is the first time you're doing this and you don't know just who's doing what out there they're doing that kind of work and so they're going to meetings are going you to professional societies or whatever and learning all this kind of stuff you know in the industry who else is doing what so they have the best you know knowledge to be able to help you and that's very important I think I am a rideshare driver oh cool is there something to help me get a new car for my business because leasing a car through rideshare is also a thousand a month yeah that's my credit is too bad to get one of the normal ways yes there are you know for purchasing cars that there's some nonprofits that help you with that if you remember I'll give you Mike I have a listing of all the people that help you get cars if you're not a member then like you say you hear call 2-1-1 locally and start then because they're ridiculously you using it for work so there's a lot of nonprofits and and government offices that are trying to get people you know the money and help they need to get an automobile to keep working okay so that's the important thing so that is a possibility I mean there's just not a one magic answer you're gonna have to dig around where you live that's why I have this one report that has all the car programs now you probably could use other kinds of programs too and that would be in job in other words what I would do also is go to your work worse development office now this is part of your county government is a workforce they want to keep you employed and they have other money programs to help keep you employed and things like that so this is what you're looking for you're working for you this is a money for your car right so you need that car for business so this is a business expense II that kind of thing so you need have a business so what I would also can't talk to is I don't know where you live miss Nelson or miss me miss I see along here but it could be gone I don't know anyone yeah and there are nonprofits that give like zero percent Interest loans and things like that I mean it may be only five thousand dollars or whatever but that is and that's why I would look at the business stuff now so as opposed to I will be alone you're looking for a business equipment loan so that's different yeah because you need that you know for your business where do you start looking for that you go to Small Business Development Center locally and there's a whole bunch of nonprofits you know lending places that do that and that's important also I would look at peer-to-peer loans because those who are cheaper than banks and everything and you said a lot of times these people have different requirements than banks the banks just look at the numbers that the Federal Reserve tells them to and the views are the same numbers for 50 years now the peer-to-peer stuff oh you are a member okay go on on the Facebook group page and tell me you know just ask me the car and I'll get it to you tomorrow if I don't just beat on me because I'm home and I forget doing a lot of things it's just and actually all my clickfunnels went down for the last two days so I'm a little late answering stuff because it was a real fire drill until about two hours ago it's still not all right and so video I I was losing money for three days losing money but it just stopped Jim and something click funnels did and I work with people around the globe you know and the IT people all over trying to figure this out I think we gotta got it but it's not totally fixed it's sort of like you know 80% or 70% fix but at least or up and running and I could start doing other things but but well another thing you know one of the things I learned the last couple of weeks about bitcoins I did a video on this too and members are I'll send you that video on the report on it oh you're in Cali or California California good see ya I got voted the Bitcoin if you're a non-profit or you could work with nonprofits yeah it's another thing about anybody now somebody a club member starting a crowdfunding campaign I believe in California campaigns are good but if you don't have a big list that's probably yeah your chances of success are are less know what you have to do is find somebody with a big list to joint-venture this and then and nonprofits are a good one oh you live in California okay that's okay and they and that's way to do Oh California Bitcoin okay counterfeit coin now ten is a great new source of money for nonprofits why and this could be a business for you in other words you go to nonprofits and say hey I'll help you get money you know and what see all these Bitcoin billionaires who got lucky or whatever who gambled in Bitcoin and made money see that what the tax code did for them is let them give nonprofits tax free money so they could give you the money in other words it if if they made money in the stock market and then they you know cash in their stocks and $100,000 and they gave the nonprofit you know that hundred thousand dollars no they had to pay tax on it first so they don't they can only give them like seventy thousand dollars but Bitcoin if their profits in Bitcoin they can give Bitcoin to the nonprofit okay then you say what the hell could that nonprofit do it big coin they can't eat it yes they can you just open a wallet what's they called it's a Bitcoin wallet you do that for free it goes into your wallet and with a push of a button you get it in US currency Deutschmarks whatever the hell you want you know somebody takes a fraction of nothing you know a very small thing and so that's why and also most important thing about this all the nonprofit organizations are going after the regular old rich old people that give to nonprofits yeah and so everybody's after them see these hip young people who who became rich overnight and they want to help the world a little bit you know he's going after them because they never thought do that they're not the typical demographic so this is untouched you know source of revenue and I'm just reading today and I didn't get that is like the amount of money people because of the tax law that the amount of money people gave to nonprofits is down you know like 30 percent yeah so now here's a way you know you could go to nonprofits a business and you know you could work on a commission or whatever you can learn that I'll show you the sources to learn that if you're you know a member or selling somewhere you need something to start and so that's a great opportunity how about grants for home repairs foundation roof and repairs yes there is a Lanham and it depends what it takes your work where if you remember I can give you a little video instructions I have of where to find locally grants for repair now if you're a millionaire you know they're probably not for you you're struggling fifty seventy thousand dollars or more yeah there's a very good possibility up to that that our aging that's another possibility that trend that's another public but it doesn't matter you look for anything there is there and see how you could fit it what to do is don't look for things that you think is for you know you go out there and look for stuff and then see if you could fit into that stuff you don't go out and say hey who out there is looking for a six-foot tall gray-haired guy today no no no you look for people and you know because they may may not know they're looking for a six-foot-tall greater guy today why do you live in a poor people's apartment who's that me why do I live in a poor people's apartment like me I don't feel I do you want to pay the mortgage downtown DC this is apartment I'm two of these in this building yeah the Bitcoin information on your website yes it's on let's go help that's where I'm getting everything putting everything now it is facebook.com slash group slash let's go help I think assets by the way the the for people's apartment is assets are at rampant lights the more you're working to buy expensive the more you have to worry about your expensive in life to do that I feel is it your life to do stuff you know and give to others and figure out what the needs are what programs are there in DC I'm in DC right now I'm comin Road programs for what actually there's a great new law program okay that I went to learn about the other night and it's really called tiny homes now what DC there did I hear DC is poor for what I did you hear people think of things they think you know it's not yeah they don't really know things they just feel that you know and that's what is knowing and and thinking's things are two different things so I don't know what you mean before we are poor people all over the country every city is for people so yes they're for people here the average wage I would say is higher here than 90% of the cities but yeah okay now let's go back to what the hell was I talking about oh the tiny houses tiny house his son yeah it's terrific deal okay cuz we just change the laws of DC they're changing them now Minneapolis they're changing a lot of place where you could put more than one house on your single-family house now this is an incredible thing they did it in LA and they even give grants to do this because we have a housing problem we are going to have a housing problem for a long time well good for you if you ever died said I love my face great oh so how is he yeah and we're running out of housing ok housing is terrible in most particularly big cities you can't get out there but people are you know house poor people you know can't get housing you can't pay now in in San Francisco people who make a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year are considered poor when it comes to buying a house and they get special benefits just because they only make one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars a year and and that is you know anything dreadful right this is what's hammer so we don't have a housing stock people aren't building enough houses for everybody and so and they're getting more expense so here's one way we could take a house that's on a lot now and people are putting an extra one house or two houses on the house on the lot so like in their backyard they put a tiny house why don't you live in advance it I don't know what you're talking about why would I let me gonna mention some stupid that's it anyways so if you have tiny house so if you put now here's where people are starting to do on this it's a wonderful opportunity are they a tiny house so you already have a lot you have a backyard you can put a tiny house in the backyard anything from 200 square feet to 4 or 500 square feet and that's big enough and and people could live there now they the cost of that is I'm 15 to a hundred thousand dollars to build a house this is the container house this is a song and you could probably have made for a lot cheaper slam everything real you know good good places to live and so that house you get a mortgage on it and your mortgage is $500 $400 let's say a month that's about all you pay on a mortgage okay with that you could take that and the government will pay sort of like my friend is not Wisconsin here who's homeless they will pay people you know they will give her twelve hundred dollars to pay for mortgage so she could take your tiny house and back and lived there and the government pay you twelve hundred dollars so you're paying a mortgage on that tiny house four hundred dollars the government's came to giving you you know $1,200 yeah Wow what are you gonna make money like that so you put it over on top you put two there whatever yeah you find everything lots and put greed these things huh see it's gonna spur this kind of thing and people are making money and that's government driven well that's what I mean about why government is so important this is what Donald Trump is a zillionaire because of government housing programs he's not a brilliant guy don't tell him that and it's his father built a business on he learned that business from him you read his book his first million dollar business with the government property in Cincinnati doing that getting property and collecting rent from the government to give the people right and that's you know this is another wage correct and we have a housing problem so the government's are like education higher education make a good made a gazillion dollars because the government design was a problem they're gonna give out loans to kids you know to get higher education so the kids got to pay the money back but the college has got the money that's where we had for-profit colleges we made billionaires out of these for-profit colleges which are some of the worst colleges in the country the amount of money they spent on education was like five percent the rest of marketing and that's real data you can see that that's right so we have these big issues in our country is housing health and education and the other things we have to work with so that tiny house thing so if you remember let me know I'll get to that video and well here's the name of the company that was educating us it's different all over this company is called e lu VI al e lu VI al and they're in washington and you put tiny living and what they're taking is containers you know these things they put on ships and sell stuff to China and back and forth to China there's container stuff they're making ounces of it they put two those containers together and then baby here's a picture of see the little tiny house but it is a you know I think it's a crane we know the mansion's we live in this is so stupid yeah Giglio housing people leave people homeless in every city you know this is a bigger problem than you know means I can imagine you know the guys and that sounds like a stupid from the work on Bibi krama how to get funding for senior housing assistant living in Texas okay baby okay again if you do you remember I have a two part video course that shows you how to get help our housing money for anything where you live Oh gage or not you can't get that free course for me that here's where you start you're going the county there's two places the County Housing Authority and the County Community Development Office because a lot of this money comes from government subsidized they're getting government money from the Community Development Block Grant which money goes exactly this what you're doing and also from tax credits tax credits sounds stupid or whatever but they're not because rich people love attachment so if you get a tax credit of a half a million dollars to build a community house yeah some real cash you got a tax credit you have to have taxes to be able to cash in on it you find a fat cat who has taxes and there's a lot in the world banks even doing everything so they'll give you I don't know 90 90 90 cents on a dollar and so you got you know four hundred fifty thousand dollars now to do your project Jim yeah and that's all in cash because the guy wanted a half a million dollars in tax credit yeah so that's what happened you sounds dude you shouldn't stupid you sound stupid I said well I guess to you I do too that's okay I'm very happy thank you if you guys aren't here to learn why there yeah I mean there are people who are struggling of different ways in life I don't I mean I don't have a magic where you're living you know we're all struggling and then we have the disrespect needs of their struggle we all we're all guessing yeah the poverty bracket Los Angeles is about $55,000 yeah well I guess there's if you say poverty that then there's different things there's a poverty level there's and then you have to look at how many family how many people the family you know like it could be twenty four thousand for one and then forty five thousand for four or whatever so that is there and then actually a lot of the prom programs and the government are not only poverty level they're usually like a hundred percent one hundred twenty five percent one hundred fifty percent three hundred percent of poverty level sir like Obamacare goes up to ninety poverty level income is up to ninety thousand dollars a year for that whether you get subsidies or not so it all depends yeah no you should sound stupid wasting your life on buying on bullying the guy that tries trying to help people you're the whole country that's okay listen people and beat me up I got more important things that they're I'd see where we do you like Trump I mean I guess no yeah we at first like that well maybe a chance to change the game but it's just too selfish and mean like being around anybody that self isn't that mean the vote Trump 2020 this guy is fake news dude me versus Trump I mean Trump says it doesn't say things every day and and he's the president Wow sure I guess things was the well can your grants from different states to help you are still looking for some here in South Carolina hi Nicki oh let's see yeah can you grant from different states to help you know the states grants the grants are given in states there's a lot of grants that give it doesn't matter where you okay but the grants that come out of state for people even say but like I just found but that's not all the time because I just found in New York City has grants to get you out of the state thank you to leave the state and the pay your rent for a year or half of it or something like that for a year to get out of town and not because you're bad because you have a better opportunity that's what I know you find an opportunity somewhere else but they help you let's see who went to the library as well Vicki went what are you looking for are you remembering the Kimmy I see her name around so much it must be remember what do you her let's see my son has an LLC never gave up Kings and let's see what does that say finding what we've done in Detroit Allison the tree and in need of funding what could be done in Detroit well I'm not sure what never give up Kings what is it what is that man-made what what are you trying to die Oh what is the LLC do what does it want to do that that tell me that and I can direct them a little more by the way people who go and get LLC's or whatever I don't think that's right like going out and get a non-profit or an LLC you first I don't think that's right I mean it makes sense and then you lawyer and everything will say do that but you know that none of that guarantees your success and you shouldn't worry about things that are just you know it to me it's sort of the expression I use it's like getting a prom dress before you're invited to the prom you were gonna figure out not how to buy things you how to figure out how to get customers so now I'm like your friend that the Sun has now let us see funding what could he so it sounds like your son needs funding like because he doesn't have customers right well to me when the reason is he spent money and time figuring out how to be an LLC know that you gotta spend enough time on the critical success factors first then you worry about things like LLC or incorporated or legal problems all that crap yeah because the customers tell you what you should be doing and if you don't figure out what your customers are how they're gonna give you money and where they're gonna give it you money that is the important thing nothing else is important the size of your business car the color of your suits nothing it's all the customers so day one you figuring out the fastest way you could start figuring out what the customers gonna give you money for yeah that's what I'd love to hear what your son is trying to do dr. Liu okay all right so it's real gentleman he's not Terrence there our housing program grants I know you said don't call them grant in New York rent here is expensive yes Terrence I just look for opportunities because you don't know what the opportunities are gonna be called you know there's a new thing called Opportunity Zones that just came into a fact there's another new law that just started last year and this is only about two years now and again it's a good way to look for investors you want to do in the real estate business well if you put your thing your real estate project in their opportunity zones and the investor can invest in you and not have to pay taxes on any money you make so now you become a better looking investment than anybody else out there because the mines gonna make from you is also going to be tax-free if that's the opportunity so now that's something good Trump did to me not to me personally but you know I mean that's a good program yeah I would think maybe it's stupid I don't know I mean I went to some talks on it and it seemed to value any encouragement we have to give people that but again you know it's just the smart people and the diligent people are the ones who take advantage of now you don't want to know about this three years from now because we got yeah and it'll be over so that's right how much is membership 20 bucks 20 bucks a month come and go anytime you want and what I do I mean right now I have like 17 reports on how to get a free car or get out of debt or or or get paid to take care of Grandma or whatever I mean it just reports or like the video lessons I have but our lesson on how to go to college for free yeah another one I know how to retire in three years so these are all sources I give you links all I do is give you websites and all the websites I give you are people who give you money or help they do not ask you for money okay every website they give you and maybe a few as they get there and that's because I'm fake news I said everywhere yeah 9 944 1/2 percent of websites I give you will be people give money that's why you can't find them as easily because they don't advertise because they don't get money from customers so if they don't get money from customers that's what that means that Google doesn't care about them why doesn't Google care about them because they're not gonna get money from them because they're you don't get money from customers see the people who advertise on Google are the people who are gonna get money from the people who look at Google right so that's how Google makes money if somebody is giving you a non-profit or a government office is giving away money for free and you find them on Google yeah well they're not getting money from you so it doesn't pay them to pay Google to help them find you yeah that's what you have to find that and that's what it's about and you don't you'll go on to Google find all this other stuff thank you no thank you see I'm signing up at the house thank you god bless you let's see who Texas here – good you can't block him in the math you just did thanks Peter I need your help man-made oh yeah man-made are you you your son in in Chicago in Detroit yeah I mean Detroit has a lot of good in her I mean I could show you in Detroit I just looked at it now I mean there must be about 20 programs for grants for business in Detroit I mean it's not like okay what is your business right Brent no you it's for different other different things and then you have to figure out where you fit in in there that's why you go listen you talk you listen you don't talk you listen you contact people and you listen and you put that puzzle together after you listen to everybody hello Mary Lou Mary Angela how are you that's the I need your help man-made okay yeah have him join let me help them I mean I hate to say John via but yeah actually all the free stuff I do I can only do so much of that how do I get funding in Detroit Michigan yeah hey I'll be happy to help you till the cows come home you know as a member I mean III have to stay in business doing that and if I can't figure out a way that's why I'll but I don't want to charge a lot of money I can people say I should but I don't want to I want to be the $20 guy that's all your financial promise or $20 good to finally see you in person well well I what program here in DC for business owners with a disability I wouldn't I mean there probably are but I would just look for business owner you don't care yeah you could do anything yeah you could be involved in these opportunities owns well you have a disability or maybe you know if you look for a disability then it's a very small portion the same way when Martin minority so I'm gonna look for my program okay but you don't because our veterans okay veterans that's just a very small part of what's that and the world is huge yeah give her money to leave let's see what program are a DC for business owners whether this oppose them I mean if you're in DC I would call I would go to Howard University and call the Business Development Center I I've been reviewed those people over there realize people now all the people I give you may or may not work remember everything is a maybe it's sort of like this girl may or may not go out with you what I do is I hey there's this lady over here she's saying uh maybe they want to give her car yeah this is the kind of stuff life is about you know guarantees there's no guarantees in life yeah the only guarantee is that nothing's gonna happen to you if you do nothing and that you have a higher much higher probability is something good happening to you if you're sick you keep trying stuff keep trying stuff keep trying stuff you don't know what to try you don't know what to do that's gonna work you guess and you keep guessing every day but neither does anybody else and that's why to me I want to give you more alternatives to try because if you're not trying you're definitely losing yeah because you're not having any potential yeah if you're not asking someone for a date you're definitely never gonna date all the women aren't lining up at your door yet yeah okay then I'm wrong but that's not happen yeah and so it's important too and that's why I do and if you go to Google look for options and everybody there's lots money from you and that's why I think the best options are those that don't cost money because you're not sure of any gonna work and if you keep spending money on them then you're out of money before you find the one that works for you is there a block for it oh yeah I'm sure where are the reports Oh Peter are you remember yeah I just made a list of 17 I put the list up you can see it or just ask me for the list again let me know which ones you want yes where should we look for the reports yes in yeah I think your member aren't you P yeah in the discussions just put in there you you want all the reports or or give you a list and just choose the ones you want there's about 17 or 18 of them there I am blessed Mary Angela well thank you spiritual do you have any reports on money for home repair yes yes very much so it seems like one more people need that a lot of its from nonprofits in County so if you not a member that's it look for things like rebuilding Together that's one of the national nonprofits to do that if your senior Collier area office on Aging they all know mostly I mean nobody knows everything so that's why you just keep looking look alike and you go to your County your county government is as good on all that I need funding to buy Class C & D home I don't know what a Class C and D is but I got while I sees these in my classes finish college BB go would you like to start a Senior Living complex that I'd have any brain abscess it is I mean I mentioned I said we're gonna start the best place to start to look is your County your County Community Development Office and your County Housing Authority and you just keep collecting information yes I would stop and say that's it if somebody says that's it that they're wrong you just have to keep digging thanks great value I would like to start a senior life here throw enough month to the law something let's stick yes that's it I mean I've written a hundred books my money you know major books and only ten made money everyone I started before I swear that they were gonna be big you know New York Times bestsellers only ten made money what is crowdfunding is it good I am a member we have talked on the phone oh cool it is good like I say you have to have you know a following or work with something that is a fun I think it's very good because it's a way to test an idea and not spend any money and that is terrific and then you have something to sell when you don't have anything to sell so people are asking you for money before you have something see that's what's cool consumers are are in low-income areas I try to raise property value and owner finance to single mothers oh that sounds terrific Perry congrats on the ten books driver well it took me a number of years that about twenty more years and don't we always reference books anymore so I'm trying to Oh nuclear there you are I want to borrow money to buy stocks and bonds and really say real estate maybe stocks and bonds probably not Mandy how did you find the publishers for your books well that's the old system now I mean it was you got it back then it was New York publishers and you're the best we'll find an agent so you find a list of agents you go to the library and you have writer's digest I think it's called as all the agents and you send them a little outline of the book you want to do it yeah fine you go fishing for an agent how did you find the publishers in your for your books that's it I self I yeah and that's it I think it's better way you know where the market is how it is if you're gonna write on a lot of books and you want to do that way books aren't going away obviously but see I think that was then and this is now then is if you want to be mass-market now I think if life is becoming masses of markets oh by the way did you see well the Dean & Deluca which is a high-end you live in a upscale market like I do Washington Dean and Luka is very expensive yuppie grocery store they're going out of business I mean very popular famous junkie thing yeah and bed but Bath & Beyond looks like they're going out of business to see everything is changing hi there let's go I published a few books and my opinion is good to self-publish using Ellen yeah Annie well you do it started because if you couldn't it's easier to find a market it costs you nothing to published anymore when I did a book you know I couldn't afford publishing a hundred thousand books put them in bookstores and then go out and maybe sell them I I couldn't find it's all right now you don't have to do that it's a lot electronic you don't even have to have a book so it's all different and now you don't have to sell a hundred thousand you know you can sell a couple hundred and your business and you got a good lovin they were big here in New York Dena yeah yeah they're close in here to Dale Roberts you check out there Robert here's a good information itself policy and it's cheap yeah a lot of people I mean there's a lot of ways to do it the most important thing how are you gonna sell it and that's why even before you write a book to me you start doing something for free on that topic to that market so let's say you want to write a book on how to pick your nose or something yeah so before you write the book and do the marketing you start doing a blog on how to pick your nose or you have ten ten videos on YouTube ten reasons why this will the other increase your blood life of picking your nose this man you see on this stuff it and so then you find the market see what it is work on market before you even write on the book so you write the book of little pieces by doing little vignettes on a blog or on a YouTube and you get feedback people telling you what's good bad would buy it it not bad at whatever my wife is a realtor and your help in finding homeowner programs will definitely increase about yes I mean I can show you no matter where your wife is I'll show you hundred fifty programs in your area you know that are there and see nobody makes money off these programs the banker or somebody like that Mary Ann you're hilarious Thanks well I think you gotta have fun in life yeah because life is so terrible and each up every day like my business was really closed for two days holy yes and and those things would just keep happening yeah there's nothing something-something you know online thing that I didn't you know prepare for it happened life is too short yes and so what the hell you just get up that's right you know doing 100 books only 10 making money but you have to have passion that's why I'm getting out of question marks it into hearts because your heart has to be in it if your hearts in it then you have you have more the desire to stay and figure it out if your hearts ending you're gonna go over more than bumps and get through it yeah and I think that's really that you have to feed yourself so that maybe your your heart is it is not in your job because you have to make a living and take care of yourself first but then above that then it really the heart becomes very important and to me the questions are is getting people to ask the right questions about anything ask Google I don't wanna make money doing something you'll get five hundred gazillion answers but there are all these people trying to sell you something trying to get a started grant or something to open my business I live in Georgia well I don't know were you here earlier Tabitha I talked about grants you don't want to go looking for a great starting your business because there's too many other free things that will help you start a business that are called grants so you're gonna lose out and you'll be Sol to be pissed off at me and everybody else you have to do and see what's out there you just contact people and say I need help starting a business but you don't have money to pay anybody and that's why if you put in Google I need help starting a business you have all these people that will certainly help you as long as you pay them I have some videos that tell that I'll give you sources and Lana that's easy for me to do because I do that a lot that's if you remember if you're not a member you could start with a SBDC I think Elena has some nice profits that help women entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area there's lots of that you're looking for anything with a dot board or a.gov don't do anything with a.com unless you're a fat cat then you do anything you want you don't care if you lose the money okay guys listen it's almost an hour I got a go goodbye Joe I was up late all night because of the crash and now I'm gonna crash Mary made ecommerce drop shipping 3d printing prototype products shirts nude injected line edible oh cool I mean the details on the Mary I sent me this okay here's the membership site okay so it w w3 f re e LS co le sto calm slash let's go help my mom and then when you get that and you subscribed then you have to request access to the Facebook group then we check your membership and do it so that may take a half a day or so and and then when you get there there's video answer but it's really the discussions because the discussion you see everybody asked me questions and I give them answers and website sort of like here see you you most people learn from this is because I tell them what a source when they have a question oh they didn't even want to ask for that so I'd like one of those to see and that's what I like about the the the group is that everybody's learning and everybody fix it oh let's go you know this has this that that person should use to and they're all contributing that way and I do reports there that you get exclusive reports on things like Bitcoin or the opportunity zones or the tiny houses will you take everything gift card I don't think so if it's a credit I don't sell on Amazon I just have credit card stuff and actually what I had my pill main PayPal thing went down so that's all I can't even take paypal now that I figure that out again something happen at clickfunnels of that but I will figure that out until then its credit cards okay guys okay thank you so much pleasure talking with you see you soon

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