4th law – Telugu short movie with English subtitles

4th law – Telugu short movie with English subtitles

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Sir, Your order. Excuse me, Sir!! Your order. Oh!! Why are you looking like that?
Are you trying to understand my problems? Once we are committed, we just can’t escape from it. Such is the pull. You know what! They say Jupiter’s is the strongest gravity. But the fact is it’s all around us. Once we are trapped in it, end of the story. Maybe that’s why, even Newton couldn’t define it. Going above the head!! Is it? Watch for yourself.. Even after asking not to, he added sugar. For once, your calorie count won’t be disturbed bro. In fact, both mind and body stay fit, if you are tensing-free. Please stop your philosophies.
OK.. They are coming. Let’s go. Where to? To store here. Just 2 mins. Come soon.
OK. What dude!!! You are in IT bro. Full colours and enjoyment. It’s just like the money in the bank you work. ‘For your eyes only’. We can use it in movie. Make it fast. Only 1/2 hour left. Coming.. Just wait!! Biryani is ok for you, huh?
Yeah.. Hey Hemant, ZIP!! I meant bag’s.. You #$%@&$ Hey sorry man.. Should hit you once again in room. Hey.. With ‘room’ I remember, you said your colleague would be coming for room. He said he’d come this evening.
He’s little different, but good. Aren’t we tolerating this fellow? Look, we should get used to new people. OK.. Has your friend come? Won’t you introduce him to us? OK.. Come on.. just 1 wicket What’s happening!! -Hi, I’m Vishwa.
-Bhaskar.. Raghu said you would be joining us. Only 3 balls remaining.. Just 2 mins. Is there any match today!!? These are highlights bro.. I didn’t watch the Live. so tensed for highlights too?? Who’s this dud(e), man? You’ll be used to him.. I am very hungry.. Yes, we won. Oh.. Coz of your friend.. my head.. He’s coming. Today’s your turn. Cook soon You are discussing about cooking. If you don’t mind, shall I try? Sure bro.. With pleasure. Do you cook? Yea, I do.. Kitchen is this way, isn’t it? -Hmm..
-Ok -Skipped your turn today. It’s yours again tomorrow.
-We’ll see. How’s it? Rating is 3.5.. Shall I book tickets? Oh!! about your ‘concert’? New Violin it is. How rude you are!! Relieved of your headache? What happened to Vishu? Ask him only. I told you about our new flatmate!! Raghu’s friend he is.. But where’s Akhila? She is coming with our new flatmate. -Oh you also got one!!
-Yes.. Nice girl she is -Who is she?
-Akhila’s colleague. Joined recently. -So, junior to us!!
-You stop it. Her name is Shrishti Jain. Hey! There.. they are coming. Looks like she’s very quiet. How would she get along with you both? She will be fine with us. YOU just don’t irritate her. Hey you wait. Let me welcome her in our gang. Hey guys, she is Shrishti. Hi.. hi..
Come Where are you from Shrishti? Native is Rajasthan. Ohh!!!! Hindi..
Ok.. When.. you.. joined!!? Just 2 days back. Interview done? We should know about new people. How can we simply join them into our gang? Do you want to know anything else, SIR? Telugu!!! You said you are from Rajasthan!! Yes, but brought up here only. Have you ever listened properly? Always saying ‘Vishy Rocks!!’ First ask him to stop watching the Times Now debate. Hey you stop man. Moreover that Hindi.. Unbearable! Don’t comment on my Hindi. Hmm.. we all know Dude, you have so many T-shirts.. why don’t you wear them? After joining in this job.. there’s not much comfort in T-shirts. “Confidence in looks is directly proportional to fitness”.
Hmm.. Nice message. Isn’t it? Nice timing too. I will join gym from tomorrow. Enough man! Everytime you eat Pizza, you say this. Moreover, “Both mind and body will be fit, if you are tensing-free” once said Vishwa Baba. No bro. This time.. it’s serious. OK.. then do this.. What? Daily morning.. 10 rounds. 10 Rounds!! Will I be able to?
I Can.. “Vishu Rocks” I say.. What’s with this track? Longer I run, lengthier it appears.. I’m done. (gasping) Hi.. Hello ‘Senior’. Do you come daily? Yes.. Every Sunday…
that comes after 2nd Saturday. How many rounds done? -2 done..
-Just 2? Hmm.. already ran 4 rounds in 1st set. Are you joining? Have some work. Got to leave. I thought you had to complete 10 rounds!! RAGHU!!! Life had been at ease till then like Maths in primary school, but secondary school Physics began then. -I don’t know what to do?
-Don’t worry much about that. Just give it a try. -Hi
-Hi Girls.. What happened? You look so dull as if you got a pimple on Matchmacking day!! Is it really about marriage? Congrats Akki.. Stop it! Are you not interested? Didn’t I say I got my Australian Visa initiated? Want to wait for more 2 years at least. Don’t know what my parents will say? Just marry.. Even after onsite, you’ll have to follow your husband after marriage. Why to waste time? You Girls don’t have any option. Are you truly a friend? Dude, ain’t I right? It’s not funny Vishwa. Try to be sensible at least sometimes. -I was just kidding..
-Stop quarrelling you both.. You try to explain at home. Why to worry without trying? Only then you’ll know their decision. Moreover, if you’ve a valid reason, you can justify.. What happened? Confused what to watch since Arnab left Times Now? Hey, what happened to him? Come on dude, the Nation wants to know. Don’t disturb him.. he’s trying to be ‘sensible’. What? I have been observing you since morning what happened man?? -Hi.. Why you came alone?
-Sir, Tea. One Tea please. Where’s Akhila? She’ll be here in 10 mins. But something’s wrong.. didn’t talk properly during lunch too. Whatever I speak is nonsense anyway. Madam, Tea. Thanks. Seriously!! Is it about yesterday? I didn’t say so to hurt you. From now I’ll think before I speak to you. Hey, it’s not that. I think I over-reacted. Take it easy. Shishteee.. Are you angry? Hey.. don’t spoil my name. Shishteee.. isn’t it correct? Enough Shishteee.. Shishteee.. Shishteee.. I’ll say Shishteee. I made a mistake by over-reacting to a silly matter.. but.. if I repeat it!!? Did you watch Roadies yesterday?
Rannvijay’s team played very bad. His team was about to win in that task, but Eesha’s team won. What’s up guys? -Is it 5 now?
-Did I miss something? Who won what?? Didn’t Eesha’s team win yesterday? Ohh.. Same topic here too!! He did’t let me watch movie for that. Hey stop.. you continue -Rannvijay had Anirudh, and still he sent Neha for that task. How could she.. -that swimming task!! No..How could she complete the field task? -Didn’t we watch the latest episode?
-She’s telling about the part we missed. -Somehow she managed running, but rock-climbing..
-Do they climb hills? Continue.. Are you letting me speak?
There was a guy in my college.. He would never listen and irritate by his stupid questions. You outdid him. That’s how he is. Is asking doubts a mistake? OK.. I’ll keep shut. She didn’t mean it. Stop it. Always getting angry!! Anger is my relative. Do you have any problem?? I did what I didn’t want to repeat.
In the process of being good with her, I unintentionally started focussing too much on her. -No no..I used to, but I don’t.
-It’s really a good watch man.. Anyways, see you, bye.
-Ok.. bye -Akhila also should have been here.
-He already got 4 chances, what more? He’s talented. should be given a couple more. Ok smile..
Smile more man. Ok. Raghu, You come. We’ll ask someone. -I’ll take d pic.
-It’s ok.. sit.. Fine, I’ll take. Done. Hey, show me this photo.. See her face.. I can’t see anything except for my shades.. Next photo.. -Nice place it is. I can sleep off till morning.
-I too feel the same. Doesn’t your roommate mingle with you guys? -He’s a bit reserved.
-I don’t like this flavor. Take this. Hey give that one. What’s happening!!? Look there. Doesn’t even know how to play.
Why you started irritating me!! -Shrishti? Hmm..
-Are you OK? Yeah. What about you? All’s good. Don’t you feel we are not being the same as before? Nothing as such. Before.. I used to speak my heart out with you.. but now I need to think before I speak. I am as usual as I used to be.. Maybe you changed!! You used to be casual with everybody, but now you are not that comfortable. Maybe you are over thinking.
Anyways, to answer your question, I am fine, as always. -Is the lead 100? -110
-Hmm, they are playing well. Why are you so..? Nothing. Hey Vishu! Come here.. -What happened?
-Have seat. What happened dude? What happened!! Don’t know, but you are not your usual self. Not catching up often. Let us know if any concern. Nothing bro. All fine. Leave about us. Working at same place, you didn’t even meet Akhila this week!! You may think we are unaware, but everybody knows you and Shrishti are not talking to each other. Is everything fine? Nothing bro. Just workload. If you don’t want to say, just don’t.. but don’t give excuses. Really .. Shut up.. What’s the matter? I somehow doubt you. Which matter? Even I don’t know what’s happening!! Don’t know means!! Do you like her? Please!! Why are you angry now? I think he has fallen for her. She’s our friend, man. Don’t imagine anything. You and your silly doubts.. Am I committing a mistake? What!!! Is he nuts? What happened suddenly? What’s with this love!! You make him understand, Shrishti doesn’t like all these. She’ll be upset if she knows. OK Raghu, bye.. Shocking start to this morning. Are you fine? I need to think before I speak. Hasn’t come yet. We are also waiting. He just came.. I’ll call you later. -Where did you go?
-Wanted to go on a long ride. That’s ok, at least you should have told us. -What happened to your phone?
-I think it got switched off. What are you trying to prove man? Why are you talking as if I am doing everything wrong? Hey, You enjoy your city ride, but why should we have to be concerned for you!! Why are you complicating the matter? She anyway doesn’t.. Please.. don’t bring that topic. Going out without informing you was wrong, sorry for that. Not for today.. What about Shrishti? The sooner you leave it, the better for all. It may be an issue for you, not for me. I didn’t plan it. Even I don’t know how it started. It just happened. Every time I contemplate about this, I miss her more. Whatever, it’s better if you understand, else.. it’s upto you. Raghu!! Just a moment.. Raghu.. Would you mind if I say something? Go ahead.. If we keep aside what Vishwa has done for a moment, he doesn’t have anyone other than you guys to share his feelings. So don’t judge him soon. First think of getting the stress out of him. Does your friend too have any love story? Because of him, we are not able to talk to her properly. I am very angry with him. Feel like not talking to him anymore. Don’t be silly. He’s our friend. So what? You opine his views are wrong, He believes he can’t come out of it. What he’s done is not the worry now. I feel we judged him without much thought. Should have thought in his point of view as well. I think you may be right. What shall we do now? Dreaming.. huh? Hey, how come everybody’s here!! what’s up? Sorry.. What for? Just take her sorry dude, else she’ll ask you for it. Seems like you fully scolded me. BTW, why is everyone sitting around? Have you planned something? Yes.. to sort out everything. I mean.. they are Jains.. aren’t they? True, I am a Hindu. She is from different community. But this is what we are born with. I can’t change that. So don’t want to think more about it. You know her reaction for this?? Had he thought about the family and future a bit, he wouldn’t have come so far. I had only one thought.. How our both lives would be together after 10 years. How our families would be? All seemed fine to me. So not concerned about anything else. Does talking and being friendly mean this? Is it a movie? I didn’t plan it coz she looks good or for some other reason. It just happened over time. For once stop having negative thoughts for me and start thinking in a positive way. I am not so bad and I don’t see a reason to hate me. Not that I am supporting him, but we know him for 4 years now. He’s a nice guy and never involved in this. Even I know.. that’s why we became friends. But being good is no just enough to.. like him. Whatever, it may be, he broke my trust. I can’t be the same with him, hereafter. I know I broke her trust, now I need to regain her trust. Everything will fall in place then. So what you plan to do? First, I need to talk to her. But how? Let’s see. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
What do you say? Whatever’s happened has happened. My advice is to be practical. When there’s no chance of her to be convinced, it’s better to move on.. sooner than later. Not that I am discouraging, but I too feel Hemant is right. What do you have to say? I won’t stop you or encourage you. Whatever you do, just think about your family and future. And please, don’t over-complicate. As if you did everything asking us!! You are saying you will never give up, then what if she marries someone else? -I will move on.-It’s not that easy.
-Would I have an option? Whatever you do, please be normal. We need our ‘Vishy Rocks’ Hey, I am fine. Yea, we saw in the past days.. like a dead soul. -Shall we leave? -Yea
-Got bike? -Already it’s too late..
-Couldn’t you find anyone from our community? I can introduce if you need.. Bhaskar? What do you say? Won’t you suggest anything? Your friends already gave many.. What new would I say? It’s ok. Tell Do you genuinely need suggestion? Or you want us to say what you want to listen? Most of the people ask suggestions just to listen their own opinion from others. Not to know what others think. I think same is the case with you too. No, seriously.. Nevertheless, I don’t feel you did something wrong. You want to talk to her now, fine do it. But being dull, at best will earn you sympathy, not her liking. Moreover, she became a friend to you coz of your friendly nature. So if you want to regain her trust, be the way you were.. Be Yourself. Whatever Bhaskar said was nothing new, but it had a great impact on me then. I tried to be normal around Shrishti, and sometimes I felt I did little too much. Whatever, she smiled. Maybe coz of that, I messaged her. I understood why they say “Positivity is infectious.”, after I received her reply. -Vishu.. ATB.. Talk nicely.
-OK -Vishu Baba.. At least now be nice to her dude.. don’t irritate her
-Hmm.. ok Hey buddy, calm down. she just doesn’t want to miss you as her friend.. That’s it! Whatever, Just be yourself. Somebody is missing… -It’s me bro.. You found no other girl than that Jain!!! -Leave it.. That’s the matter. I don’t understand if I should feel happy for her reply or get confused not to understand her intention. She’ll be meeting in 10 mins. Total dilemma. No need of sympathy. Even you’ll understand in few years. But your generation will handle it better than me. What say? Whatever, I spoke my heart out.. Thanks! I told you not to leave the baby alone!!

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