3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches | Gioia’s

3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches | Gioia’s

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(polka music) – [Terry] Look at this. This is the ah! The fabled–
– [Ed] Famous? – Salami Taster. – [Andy] You know what? Let’s stop talking and get
right to it while it’s hot. – I had never had that sandwich
until about six months ago. – And now he’s had 11 of them. – No, you know what? That’s not too far from the truth. But what’s really interesting, my son who hardly ever enjoys a sandwich, he was with me, he had it. – What kind of son are you raising? – Well, all I know is,
is that every single time we say, “What do you
wanna eat now?” he says, “I wanna go down to Gioia’s
and get a hot salami”. – [Terry] Three lawyers eating sandwiches. – Yeah, I want a salami taster. – So I’m gonna get the hot roast beef. – Okay, cool. – I’ve heard good things
about the Spicy Daggett. I think I’ve gotta try the meatball, too. And then it’s good to see Rap Snacks alive and well on the hill. (polka music) – I don’t wanna show
my own ignorance here, but does anybody actually
know who Romeo Miller is? – You know, you actually do
know who Romeo Miller is. I’ll tell you why–
– I do? – He used to go by the name Lil Romeo. You may know his father, Master P. No? – Was there a Big Romeo? – Sorry. – Why did he change his
name to Romeo Miller? I mean, Lil Romeo sound like a– – I think he’s no longer Lil. – Oh is that what it is?
– I think he grew up. – Yeah I was Lil’ Ter – [Andy] You know what I think? – You were Lil’ Ter? – I was Lil’ Ter.
– Until he was about eleven. – I was always Big Ed. (polka music) – Alright guys. – Who are you? Oh, we’re eating sandwiches.
– I’m the sandwich guy. – I forgot what we were doing. – Alright we got hot roast
beef on garlic cheese bread with mozzarella cheese. Hot salami, meatball for the wild card and we put jardinière on that one. And the Spicy Daggett Jardinière, hot copa, capicolo, and hot salami. (Italian music) – Ya know how they say– – Oh we have a heart shaped chip. – That the sandwich comes
from the Earl of Sandwich? – [ED] They say. – That’s bull. That’s bull there was no Earl of Sandwich What do you think there was
a King of Mattresses too? – Yes. – [Terry] No, there
was no Earl of Sandwich – There was a Mattress King! I’ve seen his commercials. – No you’re thinking of
Abe Froman Sausage King. – A guy named Arnold Sammich– – No – Who had a deli in New York City, and his famous quote was, “Bread is a hell of a
lot cheaper than meat.” – [Ed] Here do you guys want
to grab a respective piece of– – [Andy] I do. – [Ed] This is really just
hot beef, I see just cheese. It’s garlic cheese bread. Oh that’s good beef. that’s good beef. – All right you know what? Let me taste the beef. – Mm, That’s good. – That’s a really good
hot roast beef sandwich. Take that Terry. – [Terry] Is it? Well let me dip. – Your theory, and I think the meatball
now fits into this category, that there’s no such thing as a bad chicken wing or french fry. Which I believe could not
be further from the truth. – I had a bad french fry last night. – Most french fries, most meatballs, most chicken wings aren’t good. – No most chicken wings, chicken wings and french
fries are different. – Chicken wings can be very fatty. – Chicken wings can be terrible. – They can be terrible. – French fries are
almost universally great. – No, they’re really not. – I think so it’s me. – It takes some talent
to make a good french fry – You’ve been blessed – [Ed] Or maybe he’s just destroyed his taste buds by over using them. (laughing) – It’s like you used to
tell me when I was a kid; You can only roll up and roll
down the window in the car– – [Ed] So many times! – So many times.
– And then it goes. – Yeah, yeah. – He was right. – Wait let’s talk about the Spicy Daggett ’cause it looks like there’s
a ton of goodness on here. – I’m just gonna jump in and eat it now. – [Andy] Ah, Capicolo. They’ll call it Capi or Gabagool. – [Terry] There’s a lot
going on in that sandwich. (moans of pleasure) – See? – That’s a nice sandwich. – [Ed] That’s really good. See I think I would rather, I like that there’s not
a ton of meat on here. I can eat it, it’s the right proportion
of meat spices condiment. That’s a really, really nice sandwich. – [Terry] Yeah it’s good. – Yeah, that’s a good sandwich. – Is it not– – Can you put the knife down? – Oh.
– I didn’t get the– – I feel a little threatened. (upbeat music) – That’s the meatball I think. – Sittin’ over there all lonely. – Wait. Hold it. See here that’s what I got. I got Ed’s salami tasta on my plate. – Why? how did Ed’s sandwich, how did that find it’s way to your plate? – Oh no he’s innocent that was my fault. – Wow – Yeah I didn’t steal his sandwich. – God you know what? – You’re my son you’re accusing me? – Well I think thief is a little harsh because I don’t think
it would be intentional. – This isn’t just a meatball, this is a spicy meatball
with the jardinière on it. I’m going to bite into the meatball. – Okay go ahead. I’m ready. – We’ll do it together. – You act like you’re going over the Niagara Falls in a barrel, Go! – You just gotta go for it. – Have you ever been in a cell? – No. – Yeah. – As a prisoner? – [Ed] Oh no, no. – No. – I have. – What? – Well the day before I
graduated from High School. – It was a crime of passion. – Oh God. – [Andy] I take back what
I said about you being a sandwich thief. – We had a beer party. – I don’t know who you are.
– Yeah. – And the police raided
it and I got locked up. – Overnight? Did you sleep in the jail? – No, my brother was a bail bondsman. He came and got me. – Even back then you
had a little privilege. – Nah, I mean I was
lucky oh boy I tell ya, you know when they slam that door shut– – It’s an aggressive sound. – It locks hard. – And you can’t get out. (laughs) – That’s the whole point – Amazing! – Wow it’s incredible
you had to go through that experience to realize that. – Good ol’ American engineering. – Not that this isn’t fascinating, but do we want to at least address what our favorite sandwich was? – I think it’s gonna be unanimous. – Do you really? ‘Cause for–
– [Andy] I do. – ‘Cause I have a very, for me I love them all but
there’s a clear winner for me. – Me too. They’re all nines, one’s a ten. – For me it’s the Hot Salami. It’s the original Hot Salami– – [Andy] Oh really? – That they’re known for. It’s the simplicity and
for me a great sandwich has to be consistent and that’s a sandwich every single time I’ve had
it tastes the exact same. – Hold that thought. Let me just take one more
bite if I can find it in my field of sandwiches here. – I like that “Field of Sandwiches” I remember that film. – Oh! – Kevin Costner, him and his dad sat down and
had a sandwich at the end. – Arnie Sammich would love to hear this. – Is that right? – There’s a sandwich thief in my midst because I only had
three sange-wiches here. – Well I mean there’s only
one of us here that has a proven track record
for stealing Hot Salamis. – No I didn’t steal, you, you’ve
admitted I didn’t steal it! – Yes but now I’m second guessing myself. I didn’t know about your time in jail. I didn’t know his sandwich was missing. – What’s your favorite sandwich? – The Spicy Daggett
because I feel like you get the Hot Salami and then some! – No. But I mean it’s delicious. So can’t argue with that
it’s personal preference – Okay here I’m going
to do a reveal like– – This was just better. – Like a sex of your baby reveal. – What is this now? Sexy baby reveal? – No the sex of your baby
you know how they reveal– – Oh a gender reveal! – I thought he said a sexy baby reveal. – I did too. – What kind of sick man is this? – He’s got a meatball in his mouth. – Which sandwich is missing? – The Spicy Daggett. – Spicy Daggett I ate the whole thing. Spicy Daggett. – The Crouppen’s like a Spicy Daggett. – I do. – I do. – I’m going with the traditional. The Herman’s like a Hot Salami. – You’re not going to go
wrong with any of them. – That’s what they say. – Are we ready to render a verdict? Are they guilty of being delicious? Guilty. – Guilty as charged. – Guilty of being delicious,
I love this place. Guys, I love this place. – It is outstanding. (shakes ice) – Good place good people. – Yeah (upbeat music)

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