3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches: Blues City Deli in St. Louis

3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches: Blues City Deli in St. Louis

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Ed: The key a good sandwich is putting on olive oil and vinegar. In New York, that’s very popular. Almost every sandwich you get has got a little olive oil, a little vinegar, and it elevates the sandwich. I don’t care if you’re eating turkey, it doesn’t matter. And I still put mayonnaise on, even when people say, ‘No wonder why you’re so fat.’ Because you’re not supposed to put mayonnaise and olive oil on, but I do it anyway. Terry: I don’t think you’re so fat from mayonnaise. Ed: Really? It’s the cereal, isn’t it? Terry: It’s everything else. Ed: See people think I just eat cereal, but I actually don’t eat just cereal, I eat sandwiches and cereal. Terry: No, no. I think healthy people of normal weight can eat a little mayonnaise. Ed: You’re saying I was just cursed? Good. I don’t want to own it. I want someone else to own it. Terry: It’s nothing to do with you. It’s the stars, Ed. The stars. Three lawyers eating sandwiches. (light jazz music) Ed: Let’s see what we got here. I got high hopes. Oh, look at that. See that? That’s that good olive oil. You’ve got nothing but goodness on there. Terry: What is it now? Ed: There’s salami. There’s capicola. There’s provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, vinegar, and oil. Oh my God. Terry: Good? Ed: Take a bite of that sandwich. You’ll like it, it has peppercinis on it. Terry: I like peppercinis. Ed: I know you do. Andy: Oh, thanks for waiting. I hope nobody ate my sandwich. Ed: Well, we waited as long as we could. But, his soup was getting cold, and my belly was rumbling. Andy: But it looks great. Look at that. Terry: Wait guys. Look at that. Andy: Wow. That is beautiful. That’s Italy. Terry: I’m in Italy. Ed: How is that? I need to get a bite of that one. Andy: This is a place you just look at the sandwich, and you know that this is an eater’s sandwich. Ed: It’s been properly crafted. Andy: It really is. Terry: As you cleverly refuse to eat off your father… Andy: Well, it’s flu season. I have to say my sandwich, I think, is the best. And as you know, I didn’t order it. I just said ‘Give me the best thing you have here.’ Terry: Well, let me have a piece. Ed: I think each of these has something special. What I like on yours, every hot sandwich should have sesame seeds. Andy: Well, you do have to toast a sesame seed to unlock the flavor. Ed: To unlock the nuttiness. Quick question: does a hamburger count as a sandwich? Terry: Well, yes. I believe anything with bread on the outside, not touching. In other words, two slices of bread or a bun, with something in the middle, is a sandwich. Andy: I’m not getting into this hot dog argument with you guys again. Ed: Well, I mean, no, but that’s the question. I agree with you, by the way. A hamburger’s a sandwich, but if you take a hamburger, you take out the burger, and you put in a piece of grilled chicken, I think everybody would agree, that’s a grilled chicken sandwich, right? I mean, you can’t say it’s not a sandwich, just because you pulled it out. But on your definition, a hot dog is a sandwich. Terry: It is. Ed: Because it’s a piece of meat between two pieces of bread. Terry: I think a wrap is just a subsection of sandwiches. Ed: No, that’s where you lose me. A wrap is not a sandwich. A sandwich has to have bread. Terry: It’s the stepchild of the sandwich. Andy: Okay. Ed: No. Andy: It’s Passover. You’ve got matzo, with turkey– Ed: That’s right. Andy: Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and mustard, in between two pieces of matzo. Sandwich? Ed: Disgusting. Nobody would ever do that. Andy: No question it’s disgusting. Is it a sandwich? Ed: It is not a sandwich. Andy: Well, it’s bread, it’s just– Ed: That’s not bread, no. Unleavened bread isn’t bread. Bread must rise. Bread must rise. Andy: I want to read you a statement from the, I think it’s the National Council of Hot Dogs and Sausages. Ed: I don’t take their opinion seriously at all. Andy: Look at this. I just type in ‘Is a hot,’ and ‘Is a hot dog a sandwich?’ comes up. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council announces official policy on hot dog as sandwich controversy– Ed: Controversy? Andy: Here, listen. This is bad. They get kind of deep here. Limiting the hot dog’s significance by saying it’s just a sandwich is like calling the Dalai Lama ‘just a guy.’ Ed: I never said it was ‘just a sandwich.’ I said it’s a sandwich. Let me ask you this. How do you treat an open-faced sandwich? You don’t pick it up, and it’s not between bread, but we call it an open-faced sandwich. Andy: I think if it has sandwich at the end, it’s a sandwich. Ed: I think we should go with the widest definition of sandwich we can, so we can eat at more places. I’d like to eat a good hot dog. Terry: I would make a ruling, yes, we can go. And try hot dogs. Andy: You know what, as long as there’s an asterisk on that episode. Ed: No, no. No asterisk. I’m not going to second-class citizen the hot dog. Terry: Would you order your sandwich again? Andy: Again and again. Ed: Absolutely, yeah. So what do you think? Blues City Deli, as good as everybody says, should we render a verdict? Are they guilty of being delicious? (Andy laughs) Can we agree? Is this a unanimous guilty of being delicious? Terry: Yes, I would vote guilty of being wonderful. Ed: Wonderful and delicious. (men murmur with approval) I feel like we’re doing the Lord’s work. Terry: Now, if my wife asks you where I was today– Ed: You were at the gym. Terry: I was at the gym. We were at the gym. (light jazz music)

23 thoughts on “3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches: Blues City Deli in St. Louis

  • Kimberly Wax Post author

    This is a (former) home ec teacher typing….a hot dog is a sandwich, so is a wrap, Ed. What I love about this lunch is how you are discussing your next meal before even finishing the present one!
    And thanks for the restaurant review! My daughter attends SIUE, so we often go to St. Louis. I think I will try the spicy beef and cheddar.

  • Guiasy Butta Post author

    Sandwiches looks great I'm going to check it out I love good food

  • 21forevermom Post author

    I love you guys! We have conversations just like this with my family too. P.S. A hotdog is a Sandwich .

  • Anonymous Knowledge Marauders Post author

    That is the best place in STL for sandwiches. Been going there for over 10yrs.

  • Gerald Welch Post author

    Ed, you could turn this into a weekly/monthly interview show where you and a guest talk about X over a sandwich.
    I know an author in St. Louis who would love to be your first guest!

  • Stacy Cecil Post author

    No oil and vinegar?!? No sandwich.

  • Noah Ottinger Post author

    This is amazing.

  • natenstl Post author

    Terry and Andy that food looks delicious now me and my wife got to try Blues City Deli!

  • Tom Shaughnessy Post author

    Terry, thank you very much for all you have done for the city and people of the St. Louis area, all the best

  • Shadow God Post author

    Man, entertaining and in my home state? You guys earned a like from me.

    Edit: I also subscribed

  • SpartanB88 Post author

    Moms deli on Jameson.

  • Hasselhoff 2001 Post author

    I love these guys! Proud to be a native of Kansas city!

  • Moonegypt Post author

    Love you guys, I hope you come up with an ad someday that will overtake morgan and morgan and morgan and morgan though.

  • chris j Post author

    Blues city is the best, great video.

  • ultrakool Post author

    everytime this ad pops up before a video, I watch it. all the way through. every time and I don't know why. 3 shysters kibitzing about sammiches is not on the top of my most enjoyable things to do and yet I am compelled to watch it every time. go figure.

  • studlypear05 Post author

    Haha! I loved this. You guys are entertaining. And just FYI, mayo doesn't make any one fat. Mayo is just eggs, oil and seasonings. People eat eggs everyday for breakfast.

  • Brendoon Dovan Post author

    Is a gyros a sandwich though? Like a hot dog there is one piece of bread. I would say that the sangwich is in the intent. The act of making something convenient to transport and/or consume. To sangwich. Thank you very much.

  • Thyck&Spycy Post author

    I love this place! My absolute favorite is the Daddy-O combo! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Scarlet Begonias Post author

    I love oil and vinegar on my subs. its so tasty! You need to travel to FL and get a publix sub.. with extra vinegar and oil. its sOO good!

  • Shirley Cirio Post author

    Only time I haven't "skip ad"(ed)!! BEST video EVER! Donnybrook should be very afraid… ;}

  • stephanie atkinson Post author

    Omg. Im soooooo hungry forvthat sandwich full of goodness Ed has!!! Hes right abr the ou lk and vinegar!

  • angela nadeau Post author

    4:57 (*) is telling… second class citizen 🤔

  • Jason Holland Post author

    Really enjoying these videos. A Hotdog is a sandwich. Just ask Steve’s Hot Dogs.


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