3 CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS | The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Animated Book Summary

3 CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS | The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Animated Book Summary

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The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Law no. 3: Conceal Your Intentions Have you ever heard of a skillful general, who intends to surprise a citadel, announcing his plan to his enemy? Conceal your purpose and hide your progress; do not disclose the extent of your designs until they cannot be opposed, until the combat is over. Win the victory before you declare the war. In a word, imitate those war like people whose designs are not known except by the ravaged country through which they have passed. (Ninon de Lenclos) It takes effort to control your tongue and monitor what you reveal. It is much more prudent to tailor your words, telling people what they want to hear rather than the coarse and ugly truth of what you feel or think. More important, by being unabashedly open you make yourself so predictable and familiar that it is almost impossible to respect or fear you, and power will not accrue to a person who cannot inspire such emotions. Train yourself in the art of concealing your intentions. Master the art and you will always have the upper hand. Our first instinct is to always trust appearances. This fact makes it relatively easy to conceal one’s intentions. Let’s talk about how People Conceal Intentions and Fool You. Use Decoyed Objects of Desire to Throw People Off Support an idea or cause that is actually contrary to your own sentiments but will help you achieve your goal. Use this tactic in the following manner: Hide your intentions not by closing up (with the risk of appearing secretive, and making people suspicious) but by talking endlessly about your desires and goals! —just not your real ones. You will kill three birds with one stone: You appear friendly, open, and trusting; you conceal your intentions; and you send your rivals on time-consuming wild-goose chases. False Sincerity: People easily mistake sincerity for honesty. Remember—their first instinct is to trust appearances, and since they value honesty and want to believe in the honesty of those around them, they will rarely doubt you or see through your act. Seeming to believe what you say gives your words great weight. Remember: The best deceivers do everything they can to cloak their roguish qualities. They cultivate an air of honesty in one area to disguise their dishonesty in other. Honesty is merely another decoy in their arsenal of weapons. Bland Facial Expression: Behind a bland, unreadable exterior, all sorts of mayhem can be planned, without detection. This is a weapon that the most powerful men in history have learned to perfect. Noble Gesture: People want to believe apparently noble gestures are genuine, for the belief is pleasant. They rarely notice how deceptive these gestures can be. Appearing to Belong to a Group: The tendency to mistake appearances for reality—the feeling that if someone seems to belong to your group, their belonging must be real. This habit makes the seamless blend a very effective front. The trick is simple: You simply blend in with those around you. The better you blend, the less suspicious you become. Remember: It takes patience and humility to dull your brilliant colors, to put on the mask of the inconspicuous. Do not despair at having to wear such a bland mask —it is often your unreadability that draws people to you and makes you appear a person of power.
But, How do People Apply these Ways to Fool You? Simply dangle an object you seem to desire, a goal you seem to aim for, in front of people’s eyes and they will take the appearance for reality. Once their eyes focus on the decoy, they will fail to notice what you are really up to Politicians use this all the time. Our
first historical example would be Decoyed Objects of Desire and Making a Woman Fall in Love The Marquis de Sevigne was inexperienced in the art of love. He confided in the infamous courtesan of seventeenth-century France, Ninon de Lenclos, to instruct him on how to seduce a difficult young countess. She made him follow a plan over a number of weeks, where the Marquis would be appearing in public always surrounded by beautiful women, in the very places the countess would be expected to see him. He was supposed to assume an air of nonchalance. This increased the jealousy of the young countess, who was not sure of his interest in her. One day the Marquis, unable to control his passion, broke from Ninon’s plan, and blurted out to the countess that he loved her. After this admission, the countess no longer found him interesting and avoided him. The whole premise of dating is based on games, wild moves and being unpredictable. If you display your feelings too soon it becomes an artless show of passion. A door closed that would never open again. In seduction, set up conflicting signals, such as desire and indifference, and you not only throw them off the scent, you inflame their desire to possess you. Another example: Otto von Bismarck became prime minister of Prussia. Otto
von Bismarck was a deputy the Prussian parliament at a time when many fellow deputies thought it was possible to go to war against Austria and defeat it. Bismarck wanted to go to war but he knew that the King was not in favour of it. He also knew the Prussian army was not prepared, so he devised a clever way. He publicly stated his praises for the Austrians and talked about the madness of war. Many deputies changed their votes. Had Bismarck announced his real intentions, arguing it was better to wait now and fight later, he would not have won. Most Prussians wanted to go to war at that moment and mistakenly believed their army to be superior to the Austrians. Had he gone to the king his sincerity would have been doubted. By giving misleading statements about wanting peace and concealing his true purpose, Bismarck’s speech catapulted him to the position of prime minister. He later led the country to war against the Austrians at the right time, when he felt the Prussian army was more capable and united with Germany. Yet another example: the Duke of
Marlborough use this in the Spanish Succession During the War of the Spanish Succession
in 1711 the Duke of Marlborough, head of the
English army wanted to destroy a key French fort, because it protected a vital thoroughfare into France. Yet he knew that if he destroyed it, the French would realize what he wanted —to advance down that road. Instead, then, he merely captured the fort, and garrisoned it with some of his troops, making it appear as if he wanted it for some purpose of his own. The French attacked the fort and the duke let them recapture it. Once they had it back, though, they destroyed it, figuring that the duke had wanted it for some important reason. Now that the fort was gone, the road was unprotected, and Marlborough could easily march into France. Henry Kissinger used Bland Face to win opponents: Henry Kissinger would bore his opponents around the negotiating table to tears with his monotonous voice, his blank look, his endless recitations of details; then, as their eyes glazed over, he would suddenly hit them with a list of bold terms. Caught off-guard, they would be easily intimidated. As one poker manual explains it, “While playing his hand, the good player is seldom an actor. Instead he practices a bland behavior that minimizes readable patterns, frustrates and confuses opponents, permits greater concentration.” Spies use “Appearing to Belong to a Group” Method: During the Cold War of the 1950s and ’60s, as is now notorious, a slew of British civil servants passed secrets to the Soviets. They went undetected for years because they were apparently decent chaps, had gone to all the right schools, and fit the old-boy network perfectly. So I paid close attention to all the feedback I’ve received from you guys and switched up the reviewing of the book’s content to a great deal. I hope you like it better this way. Please let me know and thanks for watching. the put on mat it is – what the fuck is that sentence be measured and believable or your ruse will seem the put on mat it is. I’m not putting this in.

89 thoughts on “3 CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS | The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Animated Book Summary

  • illacertus Post author

    This is a BIG ONE. What I've personally experienced: when asked about what drives me and what I'm passionate about, I'd vomit all over people with my great huge ideas, plans & projects. Especially by NOT being traditional, wanting to study some subject in some place for some certificate & get wasted every weekend, I'd get all kinds of negative responses. Same-aged may have thought I felt above them, when I never stated something alike and older people would think of me as an arrogant, too-confident little troublemaker. My lesson: speak through your actions. Talk about something when it's done, that will disarm them. By concealing your intentions, they'd think you're just like them anyways. By the time they realize you're outworking them, they'll be surprised & it'll be too late for sabotage.

  • vitalinov Post author

    When looking for a new job as a raise or promotion to a current one, or within your current employer, don't tell anyone. In the end if you get hired, you'll need to tell your boss, and if he knows you already had intentions of leaving, you lose leverage, your new job may fall through, you may be blacklisted as a no rehire or a coworker will taddle and negotiate more than you or sooner than you (leaving no budget) or sabotage your raise; it's best to keep it to yourself. Keep that deck of cards close!

    I got a a promotion recently from junior tester to a slightly more leadership role in a support team in another company, direct competitor. I waited until I had the contract signed from the new employer before telling my boss (i knew he couldn't match the compensation, it was a 70% raise after taxes). I was professional enough to give a two week notice to close up labors. But still my boss was upset because they poached me.

  • Booksarefun666 Post author

    And here I thought I was the only one with keeping my intentions concealed, only to find out that everyone seems to be working on that same problem with varying degrees. I have to admit, keeping my mouth shut has led me to more good situations than bad.

  • bombonera Post author

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  • Shaquille Skippings Post author

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  • zChiefLion Post author

    You're the man for doing all these. I really want to master these laws and more of Robert Greene's books. Mr. Greene is a genius and deserves everything for all of the research that's gone into his books. This shit's so cool because it's so mysterious. I can't talk about all of this to my "friends" because they'll realize what I'm up to. It's so fun to learn all of this. Again, thank you for doing this bro.

  • bombonera Post author

    Please, continue you videos until the 48th law, thank youuuuuu very much 🙂

  • Julian Fulde beim Bund Post author

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  • Yesha Zion Post author

    can be applied to a lifestyle change( diet) …ever notice how when you try to lose weight everyone wants you fat? ..they don't do this on purpose , I don't think, but they'll sabotage u every time!!!!…!!!

  • Yesha Zion Post author

    hey! use this children!! REVERSE psychology…🙌

  • Einsteinz Vice Post author

    You are a gift that keeps on giving, dear devoted animator!!! I have searched in vain to capture my 16yro's interest in History, and here I happen upon your artistic talent to transform what previously may have put my adolescent to sleep, into something more entertaining! Thank you, thank you, and you are "awe" and then "some!" Giggles n' snickers! 🙂

  • Jest Post author

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  • dim.h Post author

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  • Optimum Life Post author

    Love this law. Sometimes I have trouble concealing my intentions effectively, I feel as if some can see through the lie.

    I find that this law is hard to exhibit when people talk a lot, which is breaking Law 4: Always say less than necessary.

  • Teleswagz Post author

    3:44 maybe it's intentional but, "Definately"

  • WillClyde Post author

    I so much made this mistake. It took me a few times to get this one right.  I made my plans known to a person whom took that information an backstabbed me .
    However I got it right when I got my now wife to date me instead of the other guys whom were chasing behind her. WOW !!

  • allstar904 Post author

    I also just watch the first 2 law, this is just like running game on people. I can't surround myself around people if I have to be like this….

  • Owen Carter Post author

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  • Is That the Name of The Show?! Post author

    Love the videos man.

    This Law & Law #9: "Win Through Your Actions" Go hand in hand in my book.

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    04:54 Scent

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    Nonetheless, a fantastic video.

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  • momagraf Post author

    When my Power Point presentation was considered the best in an international congress of neuro psychoanalysis, I was fired, after five years of work, as Fouquet. I not been arrested, but even I understand where I had been reckless everything around me seemed absurd. This happened in 2008 but it seems like now …

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  • Claudio Lopez Post author

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  • S B Post author

    Is there anybody else who thinks that the laws of power make you a very manipulative person!? But then that's the way to live in this world and be powerful, is it? So you either be powerful or be one with high level of integrity and consciousness! :/

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  • Jor dan Post author

    very detailed summary. Grateful for this video!

  • Vlad the Inhaler Post author

    I read the 48 laws of power and refused to put them into practice in my real life due to moral boundaries. I can see now that had I put these laws into play I would have been successful where I failed. Being moral is useless unless you have the power to make good come of it. Re-understanding these laws now. I won't make the same mistake twice.

  • Jessica Rose Post author

    You make my personal hobby of studying so much fun.

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  • DoglinsShadow Post author

    I agree. Even on a practical level. Tell your parents you are gonna be an entrepreneur, they freak out. Stay quiet and then tell them once you're making good profit, and they celebrate like crazyyyyyyyyyy. I'd rather be worshipped than oppressed.

  • Florian Schmidbauer Post author

    Fake it till you make it.

  • Cameron Castille Post author

    These laws of power sound a bit like social and psychological manipulation. I feel like one would have to do this to move up a corporate ladder or a dominance hierarchy. It is true though people are like animals you reveal your true intentions, competence, and progress towards something and they will conspire against you

  • King Justice-Supreme Post author

    this law highlights the tall poppy syndrome of people.. I'm doing myself a favor by keeping tight lipped

  • Pratush Rajpurohit Post author

    Hey illacertus , thank you so much now i've watched only till rule no. 3 , but i gotta tell you man now i am taking better hold onto my life , relations , decisions , etc . your videos are awesome , great animations , very interactive , straight to point .I'll watch all your videos and support you by sharing your stuff through my socials . keep making such great videos .

  • GnarlyBellyButton Post author

    If you're more of a socialite and can't keep your face blank all the time, try creating a front with your facial expression to show others only what you want them to see. Misdirection is a useful tool.

  • Gary Johnson Post author

    what happened to the first two?

  • Jewel Hensley Post author

    Illacertus, I find your videos very useful. I find a new take on your videos every time I watch them. Could you, by chance, make a video on using youth to conceal your intentions?

  • CARLOS CABALLERO Post author

    Satan approves this video. Enjoy.

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  • AeternaQueen Post author

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  • Eric Dietz Post author

    Some of this reminds me about the "popular kids" in high school. Many of these behaviors are primal or competitive in nature, not necessarily based on intellect but guile.

  • James Delk Post author

    This was soOoOoOOoo awesome! And the ties into history are just so much more impactful. Thank you so much for the effort. So much learned (and to be applied) 🙂

  • Almighty One Post author

    Thank you. This breakdown does help to capture and understand each principal much better!

  • olawale hassan Post author

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  • Aakhri Pasta Post author

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  • Aakhri Pasta Post author

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  • Bradley Hall Post author

    @illacertus "Be measured and believable or your ruse will put on that – (which) it is."

    The ruse will expose itself to be that (which it truly) is.

    Hope this helps. Thanks a MILLION for your content.. you've really helped me a lot.

  • Roger Klang Post author

    Concealing your intentions make you a pervert! Be more like Hitler and speak your intentions instead. He wasn't any more evil then Churchill was at the beginning of the war. Churchill was only a sneaky maskirovka type guy. He hid his evil intentions Close to his hearth, and remember the Mau-Mau upheaval in the fifties and Britains post second World war own little holocaust. But we know what you British are really like in your heart you perverts!

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  • Iwan Post author

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  • Chris Duncan Post author

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  • Rexus Mundi Post author

    It's like "fake it till you make it." Since acting and appearing "powerful" may very well lead to such becoming one's reality. As "power often lies where men think it does" and if you look powerful…
    Being moral and responsible with that authority is up to the individual.

  • Vesper Venom Post author

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  • Barnball SaidsoTM Post author

    Social media is financially bonded to relevancy, we are just majority ruled chatter box drones doing what we do. Thankfully, intuition is a resourceful ability lending a hand at undeniable moments positioning options to pressure truth from indiscretions. Revisions approved. Thanks.

  • Braad Pitt Post author

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  • Crookid Stali Post author

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  • McLaurin31 Post author

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  • armando landa Post author

    That feels kind of like it's being a shady type of character…like an actor..in real life? Thats the sneaky game of success that people play? Fists of asses, and I've got to be one of those? Just thinking of it sort of makes my skin crawl.

  • raginald7 Mars Post author

    you will not rememeber 1 Sentence of all that in Conflict and Confrontation with an opponent ready to take you down. No chance! The Power Masters are borne that way, not by study…Herr Hitler even published his plans. No secret, no hiding. Helped him to Hijack the World…

  • SOLO Post author


  • LagiNaLangAko23 Post author

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