2019 4-H Legislative Day

2019 4-H Legislative Day

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Footage of SC Statehouse. Upbeat string music plays. Today we’re here at the South Carolina
Statehouse for 4-H Legislative Day. We’re here to meet with all of our
elected officials from our counties and (4-H’er Jordan Snipes on screen)
from our cities that represent us in
the house. And we’re here to explain to them why we care so much about 4-h
and what good it does for our communities. (4-H’er Andrea Haversham on screen)
It’s important to know your
people to know where you’re from. So we’re here to get to know everything we
can and to meet new friends and new experiences. (4-H’er Macie on screen)
I’m most excited to meet many
Senators and Representatives. (Andrea Haversham on screen)
You know I’m very excited for today. We’re
going to tell our legislators who we are and we’re going to tell them where we’re
from and we’re going to – we practice (footage of 4-H’ers on statehouse steps)
elevator speech in 4-H – so what we’re
going to tell them our elevator speech. (Macie on screen)
I’m going to tell them thank you for
serving in the legislative branch and I’m excited to meet them.
(Jordan Snipes on screen)
So when I first
started 4-H, I wanted to explore (footage of 4-H’ers on statehouse steps) opportunities to kind of find my place
in the world and just have something to define myself by with a greater purpose,
to be a part of something greater than myself. And 4-H has brought me a whole
lot of new friends that think a lot like (Jordan Snipes on screen)
me and people that I’ve thought I never
would be friends with I’ve met through 4-H and we’ve become lifelong friends.
(4-H’er William Roberts on screen)
I would say to somebody that 4-H is way more than agriculture. You can do anything you
want to: science, technology, engineering math, whole day-long competitions of
that. You can do public speaking, leadership skills, life development,
healthy living, anything you want to in 4-H. 4-H closing graphic: Clemson Cooperative Extension logo, 4-H shamrock logo and clemson.edu/4h – all in white with 4-H green background.

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