2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest – First Round / Feb 17 / 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend

2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest – First Round / Feb 17 / 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend

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What goes in to your first dump because you want to get I want to come out with a bang up front I’m trying to I’m trying to terrify somebody okay. I’m coming in Yeah Sure right. I’m really insulted. I think come in second you could ask me that question Zach we’re glad that you were back healthy, and you’ve come back now very good knee are we gonna See you in another dunk contest. Do you feel like got the bounce or are you just gonna? I’m gonna let my legs get back into but you know I still he’s got tricks up my sleeve man This is a you know This is a great moment I ever beat though, so you know I might want to go back into it again So you really you’re saying you kind of laugh To me Zach when you raised a Brent it actually goes to get your advantage because you’re not doing as much If the rim is higher, are you what about Kenny the fact that his first dunk? He’s going to do something like us, and he got everybody’s attention he got mine Okay, I wonder how they don’t because I’ve never shared oh, yeah No I did when he’s going off the backboard I know first value work, okay? Hit the backboard Beautiful, I know I will say the exact everyone who’s played in a indirectly has a wall behind Exactly The wall I’m something that you’ve been doing your whole life is the other the other pressure prison judges but then the score is something where To see what he does That’s not known for him to get back into the end and so he might bring out of the bar. Just start singing here You say goes right back to it come on go look at the tip And I think Kenny that baby he’s not looking at the rim, and oh no not at all come on better go no Chance for Victor Oladipo to post a number while he don’t get this Last attack Y’all know, I think you might as can Yeah, I mean he had everything ball fan this was a fiftieth you bet Oh mark That is the river but It’s got a guy. You gotta give him the highest of the lowest okay, sick dr. J game for seven for now for easy Nobody doing next up Dennis Smith junior from the mouse Oh Tried to throw that hard we got a 48 inch vertical Sal that’s how you really feel Because Jr.. Brought out quick change, you know help them out with his dumb Help Come on make some noise people some Goods coming Shorts are shorter cannot say this if you’re a Cleveland you might be a Phoenix next week What’s he doing he put stuff on his shoe Oh, you need the stickers, but which ones you’re doing cuz I did a couple different. Yeah. He’s got it You don’t grant or a more Z’s no dude cradle He ain’t gonna do this on the table why he can’t do the two ball. No he had a father cradle yes great. Yes Oh, this is what dad says it was a little bit harder than you thought earlier the first effect Yeah, pops made it look so easy Pops made it look so easy straight leg Because Jordan took to another Yes at the end Another one potential See me Whooping horizon sleep

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