200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #1 – Wealth Prosperity Cash Law of Attraction Money

200 ★POWERFUL★ Abundance Affirmations & Images #1 – Wealth Prosperity Cash Law of Attraction Money

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I can and will have more than I ever dreamed
possible. I feel good about money and deserve it in
my life. Great wealth is flowing to me now.
I now create my wonderful, ideal life. I am thankful for the comfort and joy that
money provides me. I know I am abundant.
I always have enough money for myself. Every day in every way I am becoming more
and more prosperous. I see myself as wealthy, and that’s who
I am. I choose wealth and abundance.
My wealth derives from honesty in everything I do.
I am worthy of great success. My greatest good is coming to me now.
I love abundance in all its beautiful forms. I am wide awake to my abundance
I release all my negative beliefs about money and invite wealth into my life.
I am prosperous, healthy, happy and live in abundance.
Wealth is my birth-right, my natural state of being.
Making money is good for me and for everyone in my life.
My income is growing higher and higher now. Money is an important part of my life and
is never away from me. All my issues with wealth have disappeared.
I clearly see opportunities to effortlessly make money.
I am wealthy. Whatever I do, it always ends in amassing
wealth. I attract prosperity.
Money flows freely and abundantly into my life.
I will be productive and prosperous today. My prosperity is unlimited, my success is
unlimited now. I always have whatever I need.
Perfect abundance is my chosen reality. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
Every day in every way, my wealth is increasing. I am destined to find prosperity in everything
I do. I am gracious for the wealth I have in my
life. I am free to do whatever I wish to do.
Today is filled with opportunity, and I will seize it.
Being wealthy gives me joy, happiness and peace of mind.
I am now free to do the things I love. Everything good is coming to me easily and
effortlessly. Thank you Universe for my great abundance.
Feeling joyful attracts abundance. I allow all good things to come into my life,
and I enjoy them. Wealth is a positive expression of divine
energy. I can easily imagine myself having limitless
abundance. Money always flows to me easily.
I realize that I can help others with my wealth; so I stay wealthy.
I am prosperous in everything I do. I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity
in my life. Abundance around me, abundance within me,
abundance throughout me. All my needs are met instantaneously.
I know there is ample prosperity for all. I have the power to be successful.
I allow my passions to perpetuate good in the world through my wealth.
I let go of all resistance to prosperity, and it comes to me naturally.
I am magnetic to money, and it is magnetic to me.
Prosperity now happens to me. Money flows freely in my life.
I am relaxing into greater abundance. I now release the goldmine within me.
I am worthy of receiving prosperity now. I am willing to be more abundant now.
I am now accumulating large sums of money. Like a powerful magnet, I attract all my desires
in great abundance. I release all opposition to wealth.
I am certain that my path is always perfect for me.
I am abundant. Abundance is my divine birthright.
Prosperity and abundance surround me. I release all negativity around building wealth.
I attract prosperity with each thought I think. I am extremely successful.
I deserve the best and it comes to me now. I enjoy my prosperity, and share it freely
with the world. Everything and everybody prospers me now.
I am wealthy. I spend money wisely.
I will live life abundantly. I expect the best and I get it now.
I am living the life of my wealthy dreams. Money flows easily into my life.
I am so grateful now that I possess abundance. I create prosperity in my life.
I am worthy of the finest life has to offer. I deserve to have financial abundance in my
life now. Abundance and I are one.
I enjoy an abundance of money. My greatest good is here for me now.
I attract money to me and I am attracted to money.
I am grateful for everything I receive in life.
I have unlimited abundance. The Universe has chosen me to be wealthy so
that I can help others with my wealth. I love money.
I enjoy making money and strive to have fun in every aspect of my work.
Whatever activities I perform make money for me.
I believe anyone can be wealthy — and that includes me.
I enjoy multiple streams of passive income. Money flows to me easily, frequently, and
abundantly. I give thanks that I am now rich, well and
happy. I expect lavish abundance every day in every
way. My ideas are incredible and I have the creative
energy to bring them to life. I always get everything for my greatest good.
I notice prosperity all around me. I know that whatever I put out comes back
to me many times over. I recognize and embrace wealth building opportunities.
All I have to do is ask for abundance and allow it.
Every day is a wealthy day. I always get what I wish for.
All resistance to prosperity dissolves away. I automatically receive surplus.
I am thankful for the unlimited flow of good into my life.
The more abundantly I live the more abundance I will receive.
I know that the world is prosperous. Prosperity is mine and I choose to live it.
I have the power to attract money. I open to the flow of abundance in all areas
of my life. I deserve to prosper in everything I do.
I love the idea of having truly effortless abundance.
If others can be wealthy, so can I. I place no limits on the amount of money I
can make. I am always immersed in wealth.
I attract money naturally. My bank balance is increasing everyday.
I can see abundance everywhere around me. I attract prosperity like a powerful magnet.
The Universe constantly supplies money to me.
I am living abundantly. I give thanks for the prosperity which is
mine. Money flows easily into my life.
I accept and embrace wealth in my life. Unexpected income flows to me.
I feel great joy in providing for my family and those that I love.
I deserve to prosper. I absolutely attract abundance.
I am skilled at creating assets that make me wealthy.
Wealth and prosperity is circulating in my life.
I always have enough money to fulfill my needs. Money and I are friends.
I believe that more abundance is coming to me now.
Abundance within me, abundance around me. The Universe wants me to have great abundance.
It is so easy for me to open to prosperity. I am easily led to the abundance I desire.
I am deserving of abundance, no matter what. It is natural for me to be successful.
I am successful in every way. Money is flowing to me.
I respect my abilities to generate wealth. My circumstances are changing, and prosperity
is flowing into my life. I believe I have the right to be prosperous,
abundant, and successful. All things I seek are now seeking me.
Each day my life is filled with wonders and magic.
I allow the universe to bless me with great abundance now.
My good now flows to me in streams of success, happiness and abundance.
The seeds of great wealth are inside me. Abundance is simply a way of life, and I live
it. Each day is filled with endless expressions
of abundance. Unlimited abundance is mine.
I will always be prosperous. Today I expand my awareness of the abundance
around me. Abundance and prosperity are my birthright.
Money is positive energy that takes care of my worldly needs and desires.
My supply is endless, inexhaustible, and immediate. My life is prosperous.
I am debt free, and money is constantly flowing into my life.
I define wealth and success my way, and I create it.
I deserve prosperity, and I accept prosperity into my life.
I am a wealth creator, so I am always wealthy. Prosperity is alive in each area of my life.
I am in a constant state of fulfillment. I am full of money making ideas.
I have the right to be prosperous. I have more money than I could ever dream
of. Accumulating money comes easy to me.
It is so easy for me to become a millionaire. Wealth comes to me from many sources.
I love my abundance. I am happy being rich.
I am grateful to be wealthy. Prosperity follows everything I do.
I always have more than enough money. I welcome abundance into my life.
I am free to accumulate wealth. I enjoy sharing my wealth.
My wealth allows me to do whatever I want. I am proud to be wealthy.
I am a millionaire. I use money to make the world a better place.
My prosperity thoughts create my prosperous world.
I am grateful for my wealth. I allow wealth to shine through me.
Abundance flows to me. I am successful.
Wealth flows to me easily and abundantly. I prosper in my finances.
I welcome wealth with open arms. Being wealthy and staying wealthy is in my
nature, therefore I am always wealthy. Everything I need in life is mine.
I invite wealth into my life. I am successful because I know what I want
and I ask for it. I am prosperous.
Great Job !!!

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