10 Dumbest Criminals Caught on Camera

10 Dumbest Criminals Caught on Camera

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10 Dumbest Criminals Caught On Camera Australian ATM Amateur As we all know, it’s essential when stealing
an ATM machine to make sure that you take your chain and your pick-up truck. So when a guy from Queensland, Australia decided
to do just that, he had all the necessary equipment. Like any good citizen, he tied his chain to
the rear of his stolen truck and made his merry way to innocently rob the ATM machine
from a gas station. He turned up at the store, smashed his way
through the glass door with the help of his trusty hammer, and made his way inside. He tied his chain to the ATM machine, and
then it was simply time to go home and count his earnings. What the man didn’t realise was that his chain
had come unhooked, and that his vehicle wasn’t connected to the machine. As a result, he drove away without any earnings. A few minutes later, he logically returned
to the scene of the crime in a bold attempt to try again. It was then that he realised his chain was
too short. So he left the scene without a cent, cashless,
brainless and profitless. YouTuber/Bank Robbery After completing a successful bank robbery, it’s of course imperative to brag about your
success on YouTube. When 19 year-old Nebraskan Hannah Sabata stole
a car, held up a bank at gunpoint and made her getaway with $6,000, she decided to advertise
her feat in a bizarre online video. But it wasn’t enough to be pragmatic about
it. so inspired by the creative hijinks of songsmith
Bob Dylan, she did so wordlessly, artfully holding up hand-written signs in front of
the camera. These signs spelled out the details of her
crime, her feelings and her intentions of how to spend the money. The video also sees her fanning herself with
the wad cash, pretending to smoke a cigar and holding up the keys to the stolen vehicle. In the footage, she describes the robbery
as ”the best day of her life.” Strangely, despite her dedication to remaining
clandestine, the police somehow managed to discover the perpetrator of the crime, and
she was swiftly arrested and charged. Hannah Sabata will spend between 10 and 20
years behind bars. CCTV Bandana Botch Boys Gloves, Check. Bandanas? Check. Gun? Oh yeah. Foolproof plan? Nope. But three out of four ain’t bad. CCTV footage from a London alleyway shows
two men chatting while they slowly don what they must believe to be the very best in robbery
fashion. Unfortunately for them, they are blissfully
ignorant of the CCTV camera right beside them, clearly capturing every detail of their stupid
faces. The would-be robbers then leave the alleyway,
gun in hand, ready to rob their victim at gunpoint. Slightly out of shot, they approach the man,
who is believed to have been targeted for his expensive and flashy car. When the potential victim runs away to alert
police, the brave and noble robbers also run from the scene. Who knows what the pair were expecting, maybe
they were anticipating a smoother transaction. Pay as You Steal Cell phones are expensive. Cell phone contracts are expensive. But we all need a cell phone. So one cheeky chancer decided to try his hand
at a brand-new money saving tactic in order to save some cash and still receive his daily
Instagram fix. After casually wandering around a phone store
for a little while, it was time for the plan to be put into place. Our thief in the making took some initiative,
grabbed his favourite handset and made a dash for the door. But as we all know, cell phones are attached
to their display tables by retractable cords. So after a few steps, the phone flies out
of his hand and lands on the floor. Judging by the CCTV footage, the man was too
embarrassed to make a quick getaway. When the bemused store assistant enters the
frame, the crappy crook looks bashful and ashamed. He then casually wanders out of the store. Back to the Nokia 3210 for this guy. At least it has Snake. The Wiener Stealer Some people steal money. Some people steal cars. Some people steal diamonds. And some people steal sausages. In 2014, CCTV caught Ricardo Cardona as he
spent twenty minutes trying to break through the front door of his favourite local meat
store, clearly in a desperate frenzy to appease his drunken munchies. After making his way inside, he entered the
meat cooler, where he grabbed just a few scrumptious sausages. Now, We’ve all been drunk, and we all know that
when the booze takes over, we want two things: food and sleep. And Ricardo was no different. After firstly making his way to the exit,
he re-entered the building and decided to get comfortable in the office for a little
nap. He was then awoken by employees, who arrived
the next morning ready to start work. They found him with his feet kicked up on
the desk, very much at home, and probably dreaming of a big sausage smorgasbord. He was later charged with criminal trespassing. It is unknown whether Ricardo was allowed
to keep the sausages, and which type his drunken mind opted for. A Dress To Impress It’s important to look good. We can’t all go around wearing the same clothes
every day. Pregnant Danielle Saxton felt this compulsion
a little bit too much, so instead of waiting for her next pay cheque, she made the ditzy
decision to simply steal some new garments and jewelry from her local boutique. When the 27 year old arrived home with her
loot, it was photo time! She and her pals took a few snaps of a little
modelling session, in which she posed wearing the very best of her bargains. She swiftly posted the images on Facebook,
and like any self-respecting member of today’s social media society, she added one as her
profile picture. When the clothes store appealed online to
find the thief, keen-eyed locals contacted the store to report Danielle’s brand-new wardrobe. Most stupidly of all, one of the stolen pieces
was a unique and distinctive fluorescent leopard-print dress.. so it didn’t take long to confirm
that she was indeed the light-fingered thief. Danielle was arrested and charged. Uber Unfortunate Cabs are useful for two things: a quick ride to another place, and a handy hold-up to earn some extra cash. One charmless man decided to climb into the back of a cab, gun in hand, and demand that the driver hand over all of his money. Unfortunately for the gunman, the cab driver had only just started his day at work, and was in possession of a measly $11. not quite the jackpot scoop he was probably expecting. It’ll buy you a coffee or two, but it’s not quite enough to retire to the Bahamas like a gang-lord kingpin. During the robbery, CCTV footage overhears the gunman tell the driver to hand the cash over “if you don’t wanna die”. A few seconds later, he then tells him “I’m not gonna hurt you”… Talk about mixed messages. The crook’s luck soon goes from bad to worse, as it turns out the vehicle behind the cab is a cop car. The cop casually walks up to the cab and nonchalantly arrests the criminal. 18 year old Victor Martinez-Herrera faces up to 10 years in prison. Permanently Stupid When looking for a low-cost alternative to an expensive disguise, there are a few options:
stockings, balaclavas, a newly-grown beard, the list goes on. But two dopey robbers in Iowa, after deciding
to get drunk and rob a house, had a different plan. In order to disguise themselves, they daubed
their faces with permanent marker. Yep, permanent marker. Matthew McNelly and Joey Miller scribbled
a bunch of lines and squiggles all over their foolish faces. One of them drew a beard and moustache, while
the other wisely opted for something apparently resembling a superhero mask. It is alleged that they chose their victim
because one of the men believed that his girlfriend may have been having an affair with the homeowner. Police were called to the scene after someone
reported that men with painted faces were about to rob a house. The officers stopped the car at gunpoint and
discovered them in the vehicle with the bizarre and unusual drawings on their faces, and later
joked about them having the ‘worst disguise ever’. The pair were later charged with second-degree
burglary. It’s a Knockout To smash a car window, you need something hard. Something durable. Something sturdy. One Irish criminal in Drogheda decided that
he fancied helping himself to a brand-spanking new Mercedes, and step one in his well-crafted
plan was to find an object and chuck it through the window of the car. So, he did all the right things. He found a car, he put up his hood and he
found a brick, the perfect tool for smashing in a window. CCTV footage then shows him approaching the
car and getting ready to unleash the fury. He throws the brick, his mind awash with images
of wealth, happiness and success. In just a few seconds, he’ll be cruising along
is his new steed, picking up chicks, making men jealous and leaving a trail of smoke in
his wake. Unluckily for him, things don’t go as anticipated..
the brick rebounds off the car window, hits him in the head and knocks him out cold. The footage shows him dropping to the ground
and remaining there until discovered by the landlord of a nearby pub, who initially suspected
him to be the unfortunate victim of a hit and run attack. At first, the criminal claimed that he had
been beaten up and left for dead. But when the landlord noticed dents in the
bodywork of what turned out to be his car, it didn’t take a genius for the truth to unfold. Maybe next time he’ll try using a sponge. Bragging Rights When you’re committing a crime, there is one golden rule: don’t show your face. At criminal college, that’s the first lesson. It’s top of the list. It’s the motto of the criminal. One robber obviously didn’t read the how-to
guide before embarking on his first ill-fated heist. The intelligent and sharp Rodney Knight Jr
broke into the family home of a journalist and his son, and stole two laptops, $400 in
cash and a wind-proof winter coat. After arriving home, Rodney concocted a cunning
plan. He decked himself out in his brand new coat,
switched on one of the laptops, and took a picture of himself wearing the coat and flashing
the cash. He then posted this picture on his Facebook.. Or so he thought.. Unfortunately for the 19 year old, he had
actually posted the picture on the account of the boy from whom he had stolen. So when the boy’s friends logged in on their
profiles, they were able to clearly see the smug mug of the man who had stolen the device. Not surprisingly, Knight was quickly caught
and charged for his crimes. Next time Rodney, read the manual. And don’t experiment with the webcam. Thanks for watching! Please don’t forget to leave a rating and
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