【ENG SUB】《离婚律师 | Divorce Lawyers》 Episode 36 姚晨、吴秀波等主演电视剧

【ENG SUB】《离婚律师 | Divorce Lawyers》 Episode 36 姚晨、吴秀波等主演电视剧

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[Divorce Lawyers] Episode 36 Chi Hai Dong? – I told you he’s not home.
– Hai Dong? – Where is he?
– He was with me until midnight. Then he went to party
at his girlfriend’s place. – Is she his girlfriend?
– Yeah, he told me himself. Luo Li, you despicable woman! Why did you persuade me to divorce
Chi Hai Dong? – What are you doing?
– You’re so sly. She had nothing to do with it. He might believe you, but I don’t. Did you ever tell him that you’re proud
to be a mistress? – Don’t drag her into this.
– How dare you gang up on me. You two are the real cheaters! Liars, you’re all liars. Did you go shopping again? Yue Qun. Let’s get married. I want to have a grand wedding. You mean you want to host a grand wedding for us? I want everyone to witness
how happy I am. Yan Yan. I love you. I love you so much, darling. Are you here to comfort me after having
comforted your ex-wife? You’re so busy. Please don’t mind what happened today. Are you telling me
to forget about the car? Not the car. Ever since our divorce, Jiao Yan Yan’s
been very emotional. She’s your ex-wife, it’s only natural
for you two to get back together. No way, I just don’t want
you to get upset. Your reaction was certainly
very noble today. Don’t be mad, okay? Is that all? Let’s go and buy a car some other day. You must be thirsty. – Come in for a cup of tea.
– Is that really necessary? Don’t forget to close the door. Chi Hai Dong, do you want to
ask me something? Why did you keep asking me
the same question? It’s written all over your face. Why did Jiao Yan Yan said Luo Li’s
proud to be a mistress? That has nothing to do with me, right? You know… Your past doesn’t mean anything to me. – Why should I tell Jiao Yan Yan?
– So you don’t care? Why don’t you care about my past at all? It’s not that I don’t care. I just want to respect you. It’s your past, so I’ll listen if you
feel like telling me. But if you don’t want to tell me,
then I won’t force you. – You’re such a gentleman.
– I sure am. Fine, Chi Hai Dong. I want to officially
ask you a question today. Can you tell me what exactly is our relationship? Listen, Chi Hai Dong. The reason I became a lawyer was because
I insist on knowing clear facts. I always thought you liked me
and would eventually marry me. But if you don’t, please say to me ‘Luo Li, stop dreaming, I’ve never even
thought about marrying you.’ Don’t tell me you’re afraid of marriage
because you’ve been hurt before. If you’re so scared of getting hurt then
you might as well just stay home. Also, don’t tell me that I’m still young and you don’t want to waste my time. I’ve already used all your excuses, right? You don’t know what to say now, right? Or is it because you’ve never
given it any thought at all? Then you better start thinking now. Should the two of us go any
further than this? If so, which direction should we take? Should we let nature take its course and just split up if we meet someone
else who’s better? But if we don’t, we’ll just stick with
one another? Put your finger down, or I’ll cut it off. Let’s calm down. I’m so forgetful. – I’ve got a kettle boiling at home.
– Chi Hai Dong. If you walk out like this, I’ll look
down on you for the rest of my life. Sit down. Who is it? What are you doing here? Can I come in? A married man like you shouldn’t enter
a single lady’s house so late at night. I got divorced. So can I come in now? Come in. – Attorney Chi.
– Master Wu. Have a seat. You better not drink that. It’s over-brewed. Old wines are the best. The same goes for people. In winter… I prefer to drink wine over tea. Li Li, please. Here’s your glass. This bottle of wine
has been here for two years. I’m sure it’ll taste better now
than it would have two years ago. Tea must be fresh while old wines are the best. Well, according to my knowledge red wines can turn sour if they’re
put aside for too long. Yeah, there are exceptions. Oh yeah, Attorney Chi. What have you been up to lately? – I haven’t heard about you for a while.
– Nothing much. I should thank you. For training Xiao Gang. He works really hard and is very smart. He gets along with everyone in the office. So, he’s doing really well. Congratulations. I should go now. I’m going. Call me if you need me. – I’ll see you out.
– That’s okay. – I live just across the hall.
– Yet you seem so far away. Sometimes it’s better to keep a distance. You’re right, Hui. Li Li. Marry me. What do you think I am? Do you think I’m a rock or something? Do you think I’ll always be here waiting? Waiting for you to get divorced
and marry me? I’ve always wondered what your reaction would been if I got divorced
and asked you to marry me. I came up with a lot of possibilities. I thought you’d probably cry, laugh… or bury your face in my chest… and start punching me. I didn’t know if any of that would
really happen or not. But what I didn’t expect at all was for you treat me with such anger. You’re always so unpredictable. Have you ever thought that perhaps I already got married and have my own kids? I’ve been keeping an eye on you. So I know you’re still not married. You’ve been keeping an eye on me? How? With surveillance cameras? Only Attorney Chi would think of using
surveillance cameras. Not me. Then you should know about us
as well, right? I do. You were the one who told me. I told you? That’s right. You recommended someone for my office. Pan Xiao Gang? He’s quite a funny guy. When I first saw him I knew he liked you. To be honest when you recommended him to me I really thought he was your boyfriend. Then I realized he wasn’t. Because you never came to see him. You mean the reason you took him
into your firm was because… Yeah, it was because I wanted to see you. I thought you two would go on dates and see each other often. You’re such a weirdo. Just because you want to see
your ex-girlfriend you actually hired the man
who you thought was her boyfriend? What kind of thinking is that? I just don’t want to lose you. You already lost me a long time ago. Li Li. You have the right to reject me. But I also have the right
to chase after you again. This time… I’ll never leave you again. Please give me another chance. It’s my phone. – Hi, Mei Yu.
– Luo Li. I can’t find Qian Kuen and our nanny’s not here. I’m now home alone with the baby. Can you come over to my place? Attorney Chi. Where’s Luo Li? She’s busy right now. I can pass on a message if you want. A couple that we know
wants to get divorced. I’d like to talk to her about it. – Does it have to be now?
– It’s already dragged on for a while. Attorney Chi, we’re all lawyers. Luo Li has her own law firm. So, you can make an appointment
during office hours. It’s after business hours now. Goodnight… What exactly is our relationship? The reason I became a lawyer was because
I insist on knowing clear facts. Should the two of us go any
further than this? I always thought you liked me
and would eventually marry me. But if you don’t, please just tell me. Give me a minute. My back’s killing me.
I’m going to lie down on your sofa. Hey. Have you still not broken up with
Wu Wen Hui? – He got divorced.
– He did? How’s that possible? He even showed me his divorce certificate. That’s not so bad. You two can finally be together. It’s too late. Considering his age now after he divorced his wife… what’s going to happen to his wife? A woman’s life… is all about having children and raising them. After everything that we’ve done
for our families what we get is a husband
who wants to get divorced. It’s not fair at all. Don’t think about it too much. Luo Li. I don’t mean to pick on you. But what makes me curious is… don’t you feel guilty at all about stealing someone else’s husband? I didn’t know about his divorce at all. You must be tired, so I’ll forgive you. You should get some rest. Hello, Mei Yu. What’s wrong? Nothing, are you busy today? That’s good. I need to go to the office today. Do you have to go? How else am I going to earn money? Chi Hai Dong said he needs to talk
to me about your case. – What time?
– He didn’t say, but it’s today. Is Cao Qian Kuen going as well? I don’t know. Do you want to see him? I want to be there, too. – See you soon.
– Hello? Why would you want to be there? [Luo Li] – Hello?
– What time are you coming to my office? – What time?
– To talk about Cao Qian Kuen’s case. Did I say that? You’re certainly very forgetful. Wu Wen Hui told me
that’s what you said last night. That’s right. He said you were busy last night. So, what time? – Why don’t we have lunch together?
– That’s not necessary. See you in my office at ten. Here you go. Sorry, I don’t have any change. I don’t have any either. [Lotto store] Why don’t I get some change
from that store? – That’s very nice of you.
– Thank you. Excuse me, I’d like a lottery ticket
for 10 yuan. Your own numbers or a random pick? Just give me a random pick. Here’s 80 yuan change. I said I wanted a 10-yuan ticket. Sorry, I must have heard wrong. Would you like me to reissue another
ticket for you? – That’s okay, thanks.
– You’re welcome. – Here you go.
– Thank you. – Thank you, goodbye.
– Thanks. Go ahead. – Did you come home last night?
– Were you spying on me again? Why do you get so uptight about it? I’m not. You’re the one being uptight. Fine, I’m being uptight. But why do I care if you go home or not? Yeah, why are you being so uptight
about me not going home? – You just admitted it.
– Admitted what? – That you didn’t come home.
– Jerk. – I wish you happiness.
– Definitely. – Sorry I’m late.
– Mei Yu. – Why did you bring your baby?
– It’s not that easy to find a nanny. – Isn’t Cao Qian Kuen here yet?
– He’s gone on a business trip. So he asked me to represent him. Luo Li, hold him for me
while I go to the bathroom. Come to Godmother. Hey, doesn’t Xiao Tang
want to get divorced? – How did you know?
– She brought her baby with her. – Her nanny resigned.
– That’s just an excuse. She’s hoping that Cao will change
his mind once he sees their son. Is Cao Qian Kuen hiding from her
on purpose? I don’t know, I can’t find him either. According to Qian Kuen the two of you have already talked
about this and you’ve agreed to get a divorce, right? Perhaps we should just
sign a divorce agreement. He also said in regards to your assets
and custody of your child you can be the decision-maker. Just tell me your requests. We’re friends, right? – Why didn’t he come?
– He’s gone away. Why did he ask you to talk
to me instead? Where’s Cao Qian Kuen? Why can’t you just tell me? Why are you speaking on his behalf
when he’s meant to be here? I want to talk to him, not you. – Mei Yu, calm down.
– Tell me, where is he? – What is it?
– I have a delivery here. – Is this Attorney Luo Li’s…
– Wait. – Tell me.
– No… – Have you got tissues?
– I don’t. I’ve got tissues. – Here.
– Thank you. But I really don’t know. The receipt…
can you sign the receipt first? Sir, can you sign the receipt for me? Are you trying to kill yourself? I’m so sorry. I almost got scared to death. My friend got a bit emotional so… – It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!
– Mei Yu! Don’t ask me to pay. It wasn’t me. This is crazy. – Call an ambulance.
– I have a car. Go and get it. Hey, thank you… – Thanks for bringing us here.
– You’re welcome. – The doctor said she’s okay.
– That’s good. Thank you. – You better go now.
– Okay. – Thank you so much.
– I’ll get going now. Okay… All right. What’s wrong? I need to collect your payment. I’m sorry… That’s okay. In all the excitement,
I forgot to bring my wallet. – That’s okay.
– Let me see if… Take this… Here’s my card. It has my number. Just message me your account number and I’ll deposit the money into your
account, okay? Okay. Why don’t I write you an IOU? It might
help you explain to your company. That’s okay. You don’t need to write me an IOU. – Here’s a pen.
– Okay. – That’s okay.
– Can you hold the baby for me? Okay. I don’t have any kids
so I don’t know how to hold him. That’s it… You can come to my office if you
ever need my assistance. So this is your law firm? – That’s right.
– Okay. Good citizens like me don’t usually
need to hire lawyers. What’s so bad about hiring lawyers? Good citizens also need assistance, right? You can call me if you need my help. But of course, I hope things will always
go smoothly for you. – I’ll give you back the baby.
– Oh yeah. Come here, baby. – Okay, thanks.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– Bye… Let’s go. Cao, where are you? Call me back. Mei Yu is at the hospital. You should never put your own life
at risk for anything. You still have a son, right? What would happen to him if you were gone? Mommy, don’t ever do that again, okay? How are her test results? The doctor said it’s a valve disorder
which has led to insufficient blood supply. In other words, it’s poor circulation. – It’s an old illness.
– I see. He’s asked you to stay here for
a few more tests. – Have you found Qian Kuen yet?
– His phone’s switched off. He must be on the plane, but I’ve
already sent him a message. Forget it, I just want some time
to myself. I’m free today, why don’t I stay
here with you? I won’t do anything stupid. I just got a little mad before. I have a son. I still have to watch him grow up. I have to watch him get married. Exactly. I’ll hurry up
and have a baby girl so they can get married. In your dreams. Luo Li. I don’t want my parents to get worried. Can you look after my baby for
a few days? Sure, not a problem. I’ve got everything at home. – My keys are in my bag.
– Okay. – Will Hui be okay with it?
– Of course… Who cares about him? I’m absolutely fine with it. I’ll look after your baby with her. It’ll be good to have extra help. The formula and diapers are all at home. Just call me if you have any problems. Ask for the doctor or give me a call
if you don’t feel well, okay? Can you get that? Get some rest, okay? Next song. Your songs have revealed your age. You sing. Sing us a lullaby. The key’s too high, lower it. Don’t torture yourself. Wake up. Who’s the baby here? – You sang really well.
– Then why is he still awake? He must have been scared
by your high pitch. I couldn’t have sung
any worse than you. – Is he hungry?
– Let me check. – He wet his diaper.
– How do you know? Mei Yu said if this line turns green then it’s a wet diaper. Okay, then I’ll leave you to it. I suddenly have a great idea. Good boy, you’re being so nice to me. Don’t cry… This won’t take long. Don’t pee in my face, okay? Well… Which way does it go? Don’t put it on the wrong way. How annoying. You can do it if you’re so good. You’re supposed to be watching the baby. How irresponsible of you. – Where are you going?
– On a date. – It was arranged a long time ago.
– What? Your best friend asked you
to look after her baby and you’re actually going out? How can you say that? What were you doing while I changed
his diapers and bathed him? You just played in the kitchen all day. We did say you’re in charge of caring
for him and I’d entertain him. Fine, I’ll be back soon. Keep an eye on him. Where are you going and with whom? Hui. Bye. – Sorry I’m late.
– That’s okay, have a seat. See what you feel like having. Okay. – Hi, what’s up?
– The baby’s hungry. – Mei Yu said it’s in the fridge.
– The fridge? – How do I heat it up?
– I don’t know either. Why don’t you look it up on the internet? Thank you. Hello? Sorry about that. That’s okay. Cheers. I thought you were driving. I hired a driver. – Hi, Mei Yu.
– How’s my baby? He’s fine. Is he asleep now? Yeah. I wanted to tell you that
there’s also soy milk in my fridge. Don’t take the wrong bottle. – Okay.
– You can have some tomorrow morning. But don’t give it to the baby. I’ve put the baby’s milk in the freezer. Since their bottles look quite similar don’t get it wrong, okay? Okay… Don’t worry, bye. Oh god. [Chi] What’s he up to? [Chi Hai Dong] Excuse me. Chi Hai Dong, why aren’t you picking up? Listen, Tang Mei Yu
just called me and said the bottle that’s in the fridge
is actually soy milk. Her breast milk is in the freezer. You must defrost it before you
give it to the baby. Don’t mess up. You’ll be dead meat
if anything happens to the baby. Is everything okay? You haven’t changed at all. You’re still a very responsible person. I’m really worried, so I think
I better go back. – I can give you a lift.
– Okay. Waiter, check please.

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