⏳UNLAWFUL PRESENCE WAIVER (Part 2) 🇺🇸 I-601A; USA Immigration Lawyer (2019)

⏳UNLAWFUL PRESENCE WAIVER (Part 2) 🇺🇸 I-601A; USA Immigration Lawyer (2019)

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hi friends welcome to part two of my series on the provisional waiver for unlawful presence if you have not yet checked out the first part of this series stop this video right now go check that out it’s really good it’s longer but it’ll be worth your time and this is a topic that you want to learn about so go ahead and check that out but in this video we’re gonna dive deeper into who is actually eligible for this waiver so stay tuned [Music] [Music] friends thanks for watching this video and for support and McBean immigration law TV I’m in my office I’m taking time out to do these videos for you because I think you need to get some smart information and so go ahead and like this video share it with people and most importantly hit that subscriber bellow K or button or whatever it is in the YouTube world hit it hit it so that you can be the first to get my videos each week let’s get straight to it the provisional waiver as I’ve mentioned in part 1 of the series is an unlawful presence waiver only it only addresses that issue doesn’t address anything about your criminal background or any other fraud or misrepresentation or any other issues that you may have that would make you inadmissible that’s number one number two as I talked about in that first video is that this waiver applies only to people who have a qualifying relative and the qualifying relative is either your US citizen or green card holder parent or your US citizen or green card holder spouse that’s it there’s no exception to this rule if you don’t have one of those two qualifying relatives this is not the waiver for you you’ve got to find another way if there is a way sometimes there is no way there is no way for a lot of people you’ve got to know that and I know folks watch my videos and they feel hopeful and I’m so glad that I’m able to make you feel hopeful but I want you to know that some people are not eligible for a green card and you’ve got to face that reality unless your life circumstances change and you become eligible for it so with respect to this waiver who is eligible for this unlawful presence waiver now I have the instructions in front of me from USCIS that talks about this I 601a and who is eligible and I’m going to go through some key requirements with you first of all you must be physically present here in the United States and that makes sense right because you’re talking about a waiver of your unlawful presence here the rules have not changed you must be here physically in the United States number two you must be at least 17 years old okay so for usually for immigration purposes the number that people always keep in mind is 21 21 but not so in the case of the i-601 a waiver you must be at least 17 years old thirdly you must have some sort of petition an underlying petition that was approved already meaning that your relative petitioned for you by filing that i-130 right which is the family petition or potentially it was an employer that petition for you and they filed the i-140 and so you have that approval this is a must you must be first approved right for either family based petition or a employment based petition or maybe even a humanitarian based petition like the i360 the next thing is that after you have that approval counselor process and must have been triggered meaning that the National Visa Center has started the process for you to fill out your visa application number one pay that invoice fee submit supporting documents to the NVC and when I say NVC this is under the State Department different agencies State Department and so you’re doing all of that and you have a receipt to show that you have paid the fees to start your visa application online with the NBC so that they can then send your file over to the US Embassy in that country which is where you’re from where you will be interviewed down the road right so you’ve got to have that that has to be in process you cannot file the i-601 a waiver unless consular processing has been triggered the other thing is that this applies to people as I said in my first video on this topic it applies to people who have accrued unlawful presence waiver provides an avenue for you to apply for forgiveness of that unlawful presence so that you can go and get your interview done at the US Embassy in your country and get your green card that way so that’s all I’m going to share in this short video please go ahead and comment below and tell me what your thoughts are with regard to what I’ve said in this video about the waiver okay friends thank you so much stay tuned for part three in this series on the unlawful presence waiver thanks very much for watching bye-bye

29 thoughts on “⏳UNLAWFUL PRESENCE WAIVER (Part 2) 🇺🇸 I-601A; USA Immigration Lawyer (2019)

  • Rococo Chocolate Post author

    Hi what about people with N400 filing applications I heard you have to wait 3 years for applications to review

  • Omeana Champs Post author

    Thx as always

  • Rococo Chocolate Post author

    Under Vawa what is up with the n 400 applications

  • OneLove Everytime Post author

    Ms McBean can you give us some update on people who file for Naturalization (N400)The time span it takes.. Please give us some information. Thank you

  • Chris L Post author

    I had my N400 interview this week and was offered U.S. Citizenship. I have a ceremony in about 3-4 months! Thank you for all the wonderful and very informative videos which I have watched all of them! The best place on YT for this advice. Best wishes….as we say in the UK 🙂

  • Henry Nwokolo Post author

    Hi McBean and Everyone here, I was sent a RFE in January for my I-751 on going process, which I have responded to and I haven't heard anything from uscis. I understand that if my P- Resident card is 3 years I could file for N-400. What's your advice on this. Should I wait for the 10yrs P- Resident card to arrive or I can still apply for N-400. Thanks

  • Pauline Turner Post author

    My friend went for Green card interview on February 2017. He is married to a us citizen and had filed a waiver coz of misrepresentation 2 weeks prior to the interview. He had not submitted medical records and was requested to avail them on the interview day. He had them but forgot to submit so he still has them. What is he supposed to do. Immigration informed them after interview that his case will be decided when they receive the waiver. Pls advice

  • Jack Varone Post author

    Good evening. Filing for my spouse. Was approved by USCIS and case sent to department of state. Was given a login by visa center ‘ceac’. But I can’t login and they say we’ve a problem with the website. One week already. I think it’s unacceptable because I could’ve done all paperwork and upload them by this time.

  • Kadmiel Keller Post author

    Do you need the waiver if you have DACA?

  • Fortunate MD Post author

    Why does someone who is already in the states and has a USC SPOUSE need a waiver and consular processing?
    That don't sound right .

  • Tao Xu Post author

    Can a felony conviction apply a waiver?

  • N Bas Post author

    Hi McBean. I need your take on this one. I came into the USA last year March on a tourist visa and applied for a change of status (b2-F1). Since then it’s been a roller coaster ride with the USCIS. I recently received an RFE saying I should re pay the sevisfee I paid on my previous i20 because I now have a new number. I got married to my wife (US citizen) last November. She wants to file for the marriage based green card but I don’t know how it’s gonna look like on my record. It seems like I want to abandon my schooling. What should I do? Will filing for a green card be a good idea right now?

  • MoLina_ Leña Post author

    If my husband is currently in his birth country for almost 8years. Will he need to file the i-601 also if he voluntarily departed in 2011. He was 26 years old at the time of his departure!

  • THEO theo Post author

    Do overstayed visa also need this I601 waiver too

  • Vy Huynh Post author

    i came to USA from October , 1/ 2014, and i am having a green card ( 10 years) , please let me know should i apply for citizenship now?
    Thank you so much. God bless.

  • karima oukaci Post author

    Hi I am a green card holder I make I-130 for my child my case is at NVC and my priority date is current since 25 days but i didnt recieve any letter from NVC to give me my interview date can you please give me more information about my case and how match time i need to wait. Thank you.

  • Vash Lash Post author

    I have a good video idea. Do one on what happens to the petitioner when he/she divorces within the first two years. Do I have to support my wife for 10 years since I signed the affidavit of support? I’m terrified of becoming a slave to my wife if things don’t work out. It’s an I-130 btw.

  • amar gaber Post author

    Is it normal waiting for an interview with the cis for 14 months? ( I-131) for a spouse

  • Tamling SB Subba Post author

    Hi mam, would you please mind to bring a video briefing relating all informations about N600 . Thanks

  • Carolyn Jones-Winfield Post author

    Hi, I would like to know. Which step comes after the I-130

  • jenny sv showtime Post author

    Hi I would like to ask a question is that the registered provisional immigrant status ? Can anyone apply for that anytime ? What about the people who came through esta ( visa waiver program ) and failed out of status ? Any options? Plz and thank you

  • Brooklynapoli Post author

    Hello What to Do If Your Unlawful Presence Provisional Waiver Is Denied. Great video

  • Caty Alejos Post author

    Is there a waiver for criminal history

  • Cesar Trejo Post author

    What waver do I need if I have one dui on my record

  • Jacqueline Rodrigues Post author

    Your videos are great! Very educational, thanks😁

  • APRIL BABY Post author

    Would having a dui in 2006 affect the waiver getting approved !?

  • tebelleh Post author

    Hello, I have been on supervised deportation for 10 years with no criminal record and finally left the country voluntarily without NOTIFYING USCIS. I am not waiting on a petition filed by my son who is a US citizen servicing in the Military. Do I need to file a 601A?

  • Matthew James Post author

    Thank you Ms. Bean, thank you… You've given me the first glimmer of hope…

  • QueenApple Post author

    Honestly I was misinformed and my mother went to the embassy for the interview for a green card… and she doesn’t qualify. From what your saying n from talking to lawyers she will be punished the 10 year mark. I am truely sad n upset. So if your reading this stay strong.

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